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Wanted to repost this.

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Originally, I put this in our knowledge base.

Thought I would post this here so some who don't spend a lot of time filtering all the sub forums may read it - for what its worth.

I found this article on the net about 2 years ago- written by a guy " The WatchMan."

Whilst I don't go along with all of it- it may at least make some ask more questions or think a little.


Is a replica right for me?by the WatchMan

If your considering buying a replica watch for the first time, you have many questions, and many emotions. Questions that are simple to answer like… Is it well made, does it keep time, what is the guarantee, am I getting ripped off. But the really big question that is in your mind right now is … “WILL I FEEL LIKE A FOOL WEARING A FAKE WATCH?” I know, I’ve been there, and believe it or not, these are things to consider.

First of all, you most likely have never had anything actually on your wrist that ended in “ex” and that did not begin with “Tim”, but you would like to. You know you REALLY want to place that order for the two tone Submariner with the blue dial or the all gold Daytona, but what you are afraid of is, what are your friends going to think. The truth is, that is a valid question, and one you must answer. So let’s take a look at just who you are and how a replica watch is going to affect you.

The first question you must ask yourself is “will I look out of place wearing this watch?” Although, the answer is always NO, just how comfortable you will be is dependent on how you relate to your surroundings. Often the first thing you must look at is where do you live? If you are in a city, literally any city, that is a good thing. If the population of your town is 60 and there is one jewelry shop you may be in worse shape. But determining this is easy, start looking at other people’s wrists and see how many are wearing expensive timepieces and just who are they. When I began doing it, I realized that it was not unusual that 3 out of 10 were wearing Rolex’s and they were from all walks of life. That meant that wearing a Submariner or a DateJust was not going to seem odd at all..

Next, ask yourself this… if I owned a real Rolex would I wear it to work? To play? All the time? If your answer is yes to all of these, then by all means, order away.

If your answer to any of them is yes, then you will find that wearing a replica will be fine also. If you said NO to all of them, then you may want to think hard.

Will people make fun of me if they find out? Answer … go back to our first step where you were watching wrists closely. Remember how many people were wearing expensive watches? How many were Replicas? That’s right, you have no idea… why, because no one can tell, and THAT IS THE TRUTH!

In the years that I have been wearing Replica’s I have only ever had someone say to me “Is that a real Rolex” , on two occasions, and believe me after you’ve been through this once, you will actually wish it happened more because the answer to give is … NO, it is a replica and let them look at it closely. Their reaction will usually be … WOW, that’s amazing, where can I get one?

Yes, I will tell you the first few days you put it on and go out you will feel like EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT YOUR WATCH! They are not, unless you either live in a town where NO ONE has ever worn a Rolex, you are considered just about homeless in which case they wonder who you robbed (this can be a problem), or you made the error of ordering a replica with enough diamonds to blind the person next to you and they are really staring at your watch trying to decide if THEY SHOULD ROB YOU!

This self-conciseness goes away after a few days. That’s really true because today it is nearly impossible to buy a FAKE watch. You know like the guy who opens his coat and says , psssst…” wanna buy a Roley? It’s sorta like a Rolex.”

Today dealers supply actual REPLICA’S identical in nearly every detail to the original. Big portions of the buyers are owners of the authentic item, because, hey, if you pay $10,000 for a watch do you really want to mess it up in everyday wear. No, today, you put it in the winder in the safe and wear and exact copy because … no one will ever know. For you just pretend you lost the combination and the location of the safe!

Ok, so you probably could comfortably wear a replica, but what does it DO FOR ME?

Well, many just want it as an item to attract the opposite sex, which it does. However, when you see a person wearing a lot of diamonds for example, you automatically think, “those are fake”. But when you see a person wearing a nice Rolex you automatically think .. “Nice Watch”. So if your purpose is to look like the big time on the town with some real bling, then you are in the right place.

But what about professionally? Let me tell you, I have spent my life making professional presentations and from day one every mentor I have ever had stressed three things…

One... buy the most expensive suit you can afford. It is much better to own one $600 dollar suit than six $100 suits if you are trying sell anything, and in business we are all trying to sell something.

Two… shine your shoes.

And three, wear NO jewelry except a wedding band (if you are married) , a college ring (especially if from post graduate level or a fraternity) and wear a GOOD watch!

Does it work? I can tell you from experience that it works wonders! I would never go on a sales call today without a Rolex Replica (or I occasionally wear my Omega Seamaster Replica) on my wrist. WHY? That answer is simple. Clients think, if he makes enough commission to be wearing a Rolex he must make a lot of sales, which means he must have a good product.

Don’t believe me? Go sit in your Doctors waiting room and wait for the Pharmaceutical Reps to show up. If you are in a male doctor’s office, the rep will be gorgeous, usually blond and dressed in a $600 dark wool business suit. If it is a female doctors office the Rep will be strikingly handsome, and generally wearing a subtle pinstriped Armani. Four our of five of either sex will be wearing a Rolex. Pharmaceutical companies have known the power for years, and do you of many companies that make more money? If you ARE a pharmaceutical rep and not wearing one, THEN ORDER NOW!!!

The other benefit is confidence. Trust me, once you get past that sort of shy period, there is nothing to give you more confidence in presenting yourself than to be well dressed and sporting a sharp watch. 10 years ago I worked for $4.15/hr on the counter of retail store. I myself am short, fat and not exactly handsome… but I have a good tailor and a good Replica dealer. I buy “overstock” designer suits for $100 bucks and pay my tailor another 40-50 to make them fit me like custom and I generally wear a two-tone, blue face Japanese submariner Replica (though right now I am desiring a Swiss 50th anniversary sub). I am President of three of my own companies, I speak with confidence in public and do I attribute it to replica watches, no. I attribute it to confidence, and I attribute a lot of that to my replicas. How much?

Here’s the facts. I am a collector, so I have quite a few. I’ve fallen in love with watches and know a lot about both the authentic and the replicas and I can only say this… I can afford the authentic if I desire, but I don’t. I think that the art of making a really good replica is much more difficult than making the original… try it. Ask you friend sign his name … he has no trouble at all. NOW MAKE AN EXACT REPLICA OF IT! That is a real problem.

There was a time when “fake” watches were a scourge on society but today’s Replicas are works of art. The authentic manufacturers will claim they want to stop the flow of the product, but in reality Rolex sells a huge amount of authentic product to people that have first purchased a Replica and “worked their way up” to having to have the real thing. You must find good dealers who stand behind their product, but that is why you are here.

In parting I will tell you that I am in no way associated with the site on which you are reading this post. I also have in no way been compensated to write this. I did it as a labor of love and gave it to some people in the Replica business who I feel have treated me fairly and honestly and I know they will use it well.

I will tell you that if you are going to purchase a replica, follow three steps.

If it is for only occasional “showing” off, purchase the least expensive watch offered.

If it is to worn for normal usage and confidence, purchase the best grade you can afford, you do get what you pay for.

Lastly, Purchase a style that fits your personality. Do not purchase gaudy diamonds or the like if you would not normally be seen that way.

Enjoy your success….

The WatchMan

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Read this text already two years ago always a nice reading... thought you had posted it on the old RWG or TRC at that time...

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This was part of a bunch of stuff I sent to Max ( Neo) way back when.

He posted it in his wonderful post- in the early days at RWG.

Along with your good self and others- I am working to repost as much of this info over here as possible.

Just sometimes having problems deciding where to best post it all :Jumpy:

I once again commend any of our members who wish to do some research- to start in the links area.

There are some great links- from which one should be able to find almost any answer short of-

("Who has the best sub! :p )


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Some know already, I stopped buying reps. I still wear them, I just don't have the buying interest anymore.

I converted my everyday Sub to a "Poley" - it's quite unique with a yellow tipped sweep second hand. Where it once said "Swiss Made" it now shows " WIS Made" and that suits my funny bone just perfect.

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