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  1. Happy Birthday offshore!

  2. Happy Birthday offshore!

  3. The tool kit we offer- http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/108011-quality-tool-kit/?p=1161785 will do everything you want. You can mix and match if you want different or more tools. Offshore
  4. If you want one, give me a yell and I can arrange a VERY good price to get one shipped into Singapore. Make sure you get the good version as there is one really bad tester around atm. Offshore
  5. Tried to send you a PM. Your box is full. O/S
  6. We have those hand removers at Watch Bitz, for just a couple of $$. Best if used in conjunction with a dial protector. http://watchbitz.com.au/shop/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=358 Offshore
  7. P, Thanks so much for that info.I will take some other shots later today. This one is the same as yours, just with Doxa and Automatic, on the dial, and the condition looks about the same. Have you any thoughts on a value for these? The owner of this one wants to sell it, and is saying $700. I was a bit leary of it as it was a bit of an unknown. But if it is a rare bird, it maybe is worth that money? Thanks again for the info. Offshore
  8. I have been offered this watch- and cannot find much info on this model. Seller says its from the '60's, which I find difficult to accept, as it looks '80's or '90's to me. Movement is marked Doxa, as is the caseback. I know all the good info comes from this place, so what can the Doxa experts here tell me about this? I have the watch in hand if we need to investigate it further. Thanks guys, Offshore
  9. Yes, indeed, we unfortunately are hearing that far to frequently of late. In our defence, that tool kit would sell at around $150 -$160 if supplied by anyone else. Also if you look at the cost of shipping 1.5kgs even internally within a country you see post cost of around 1/2 that amount, so its not all bad. Wish we could find an alternate cheaper shipping option. Offshore.
  10. Yes I know that supplier, and those tools are from Anchor in India. We would sell that driver set around A$12.00, I have looked at it, and think I get better value from my other suppliers in screwdrivers. Its all about consistency, and being able to trust continuity of quality. I agree with you about a cheaper postal option, unfortunately we have a Labour Government in power, with a mad Welsh born woman prime Minister, who is spending billions more than she has, (typical woman) so the under ministers are jacking up prices everywhere to pay for her largesse.Our post charges are jacked up 10% every 3-6 months, which unfortunately only encourages her to spend more. O/S
  11. Can I suggest that you have a very close look at the quality of tools you are being supplied? The Chinese pack 6 or 7 different levels of quality in 1 standard pack. For instance, the screwdrivers we sell as "budget" are in the same packing as our top quality set which goes with the tool kit, but I can assure you they are worlds apart in quality. I spend a few weeks each year in China, sorting out these very factors, and I know we are buying quality for less than our competitors, and certainly not putting on the margin they do,. The post cost can sometimes pull the price of our tools almost in to line with local suppliers, however we still believe the quality of tools supplied overcomes this. I do understand that some tools look similar, however I can assure you they aren't....I fight many battles with suppliers over this quality issue. Offshore.
  12. @fraggle42, Don't forget to register at www.watchbitz.com as an RWG member, and then wait until you receive an "upgrade" email before ordering. Our tool kit, which sells at $129.95 is sold to RWG members at under $100.00. We have sold many hundreds of these to forum members with no issues. Supplying quality items, and standing behind out products is the secret! Offshore
  13. Happy Birthday offshore!

  14. Yes, some giveaways are planned as well I believe. O/S
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