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  1. Admin

    Happy Birthday Thor!

  2. Thanks for the call namor. In fact i haven't been a very long time here but this is due to my lack of leisure time and has nothing to do with anything else. I haven't any connection tho the "new forum" seems someone just liked my nick... I have always enjoyed my time here and this is always the watch-forum i'm visiting first. Hope to be here more often but my time is very limited Feels great to be here again - this place is like home! BTW: I'M still looking for a great IWC Big Pilot rep Greetz Thor
  3. Congrats to Milano Seems no one made this bet
  4. Good point - most of our dealers have websites or working actually to create one. But how haveyou recognized the dealers-websites? Via RWG, TRC, RWi and so one... the oldtimers in generall now what to ask and how they can rate a dealers but for newbies this is very hard... and as newbie where would you buy a watch? From a dealer signed a voluntary contract of honesty or a third one? As this sitehere is to talk about watches and avoid to be scammed my biggest concernb are the newbies and not the educated members so it still makes all sense for me... Just my 2 cts
  5. Thor

    About Dup0nt Reps

    Check the pics and copare them to your lighter to be 100% sure check the sizes of your lighter and compare them to the ones listed at the site... BTW i'm using the Universal gold one, this one fits all my rep lighters... expect it'll will work with yours too
  6. Damn Alan sorry to say but we're out of competition even we won the return match... Congrats to the Reds
  7. Feel free to write it down every input is welcome and ithink this will be step into the right direction
  8. Got 12 more new toys since my last count... so we have a total of: 3003
  9. I know you are aware of that but would state this clear also for the newbies
  10. The stars over at RWI have nothing to do with our idea... if Klink or XYZ from the admin team over there likes a dealer or maybe the dealer had paid a ceratin amount he'll promoted to 5 stars... Here the "special dealer sign" will show that the dealer offers a special service and complied to the voluntary rules - we i admin won't rate the dealers - the dealers themself decide if they would like to sign to the new standards or not... no one else... As already said a few times most of the dealers are celebrating CNY at the moment so hopefully they'll throw something in here after their celebrations
  11. Damn Alan and my team [censored]ed it... so we have to win 2-0 in Liverpool Congrats to Admin and doc
  12. Sorry to hear about your watch... but customs risk is part of game Depending where you are located you'll find a dealer who ships in conus but you have to pay higher prices so you have to decide where to buy from. Beside that another way to avoid customs is buying used watches from members located in your country But the shipping question is out of topic here... we should discuss about an way that participating dealers could offer their goods in an easy way and non misleading way... Hope to see more input from the dealers after the CNY
  13. That Ediee and River quit their job has nothing to do with this (River already told me already in november that he'll quit from dealing) - the dealers won't be force to change anything - if they decide so they'll just stay regular dealers as at the moment. The ones who like to sign the voluntary contarct should change their websites too in my point of view - the membership doesn't have a benefit if a dealer is listed as "special or whatever dealer" and only post one or two offers he which fullfill the rules but the mainitems he is selling via his site are independent from the rule... My 2cts
  14. Expect you won't have any luck at the other forums too... Ediee asked us to delete his account, all post and so on. It has nothing to do with the site here... it's an personal decission towards the repgame... Maybe he'll return to the game but nobody knows actually - when we have some news (we're in contact with him) we'll post them in public to let you all know about - Ediee will also take care on open isues or orders so no need to worry...
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