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  1. Happy Birthday jonthebhoy!

  2. Indeed it is Ken. "I Guess They Call It Vindaloos" by Lentil John..............should have jumped out at you right away!
  3. I make my wife jerky in bed.............but I must stop this boasting!
  4. There was me thinking nuclear............and by Ken's description it seems I wasn't far wrong!
  5. Mmmm! For once my friend we have to agree to disagree. You know of whom I talk. Nuff said.
  6. Pray tell how u got to play with these guys nikki? JTB
  7. From one long time absentee to another, welcome back Faber. Glad to hear you are still addicted to the old guitar. You can't beat it (unless your name is Townshend then you can beat the hell out of it!) JTB
  8. Got me thinking about the "Last Waltz" when Clapton and Robertson were guitar duelling on "Further On Up The Road" and Claptons strap gives out about a minute into the song. Robertson spots it and was in quick as a flash. Superb. JTB
  9. *Resists the temptation to get on soapbox on account of being here too many times* Too sad for further comment.
  10. That's why my password is the complete text from the fourth soliloquy from Hamlet: "O, my offence is rank it smells to heaven...etc. etc. Try remembering that when your mashed! Oops now you know my password. Time to change it now. Now what did I do with my copy of War & Peace?
  11. "Where does that big blonde you were with last night come from?" "Alaska" "Okay let me know what she tells you"
  12. ...and I just got by with wigglin' my arse in a Marc Bolan sort of way. Get it on!
  13. Brilliant Dems...quite brilliant. I'll cross the balls and you head them in. Or in US parlance I'll throw the football (?) and you make the touch up........sorry down! :D
  14. Sorry guys I just had to find it: JTB
  15. I "clicked" on this link 2 days ago.................and it came up today. Ye cannae find a moderator when ye want wan...................and when things are running smooth, they're like buses.........they arrive in threes! JTB (This will probably get me the sack!)
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