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removing a scratch on crystal


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Hi, I have a scratch about 5mm long which I can feel with my fingernail. Local watchmaker says he cant polish it out cos its too deep. I mentioned about him fitting a new crystal but he wasnt interested. I have used Polywatch, Cape Cod, Vim, car paint scratch remover and toothpaste which have reduced the scratch but not removed it.

I wonder whether wet and dry 1000 grade might remove the scratch and then I can polish off with Polywatch.

I would very much appreciate advice please. TIA.

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If it’s glass and is scratched, it’s most likely mineral glass. To tell mineral glass vs crystal glass: place a drop of water on the glass. If it stays as a bead it’s crystal. If it spreads out into a pool, then it’s mineral. 

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I would not lose sleep over this!  I would just reduce the scratch depth as best as possible and live with it!  Being an acrylic crystal, you are going to acquire many more scratches unless you are going to wear it with your hand over your head or leave it in the glass cabinet to stare at!  One of the many disadvantages of these plastic crystals.   
Jusf  bear in mindthat the more material you shave off, the weaker it gets as it is only plastic!   I use a very thin drop of Brasso after using ,2000 grit sandpaper.   Just enjoy it!! 

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Hi guys, Many thanks for the info and advice. In trying to improve the look of the watch I have made it worse. I am sure that the crystal is not the original cos the dome is a lot lower than identical models I have seen.

Who ever fitted the crystal did not sit it firmly around the dial cos some of the paste has got under the masking tape and under the edge of the crystal. I now have white paste inside the edge of the crystal.

Only thing now is to find a watchmaker who will fit a new crystal and clean the edge of the dial. 

Isnt hindsight a wonderful thing as I could have got a new crystal fitted in the first place. Still gaind experience in polishing crystals.

Thanks again for all your help, this really is a great forum.

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Hi oldtools, I am most grateful to you for that list and appreciate your time and trouble. Looking at the list it seems the guys are in the US and Canada. I am in spain so postage and import duty would be expensive. I should be able to find a watchmaker in one of the main towns. Thank you again for all your help, regards jack

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