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  1. My Orange bezel is fine, but "Seamaster" is fading.............
  2. Happy Birthday qualitime!

  3. Guys, Be carefull. My friend ruined his gen Breitling playing golf. Played 9 holes today with this: Extremly comfy. Got it from Ufanta. Fore! Q.
  4. http://www.prowatch888.com/ huh? Cheers, Q.
  5. Best Quartz? How about the Rollie Oysterquartz? But where to get it? Q.
  6. Also in the dealer section. Nice movement. http://www.prowatch-polo.com/showpic.asp?ArticleID=889 Q.
  7. Fonud this at ufanta. http://ufantazone.com/catalog/popup_image.php?pID=3871 Nice watch with even more nice mesh band? Q.
  8. I'm also verry happy with Domenico's work. There was a problem with my ceramic sub, clone Eta. The power reserve was only 3 hours, but OK now! Thanks again Domenico!
  9. I'm the only one in RWG, but this is my favourite: Not yet in original, I think 2010. Q.
  10. Ceramic Sub today. (and yesterday and tomorrow)
  11. Check this: http://colemanitis.com/ Anyone 2009 yet? Q.
  12. My son has bought his first rep when he was nine years old. He's fourteen now. It's a black Rolex Yachtmaster boy size from Paul ,ETA powered. The watch had a tough life. Swimming, climbing, boating, digging...... Stil going strong and looking fine.
  13. Sander, Order your watches at PT. No custom %^%#. The best QC sofar. Q.
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