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  1. I got the v1 from timeshop back in Jan 2013 black dial 3714-47 and also white dial 3714-45 both watches failed in Feb 2013 basically a month after purchase! I only wore the 2 watches in rotation occasionally following my purchases. I immediately sent the white dial off to Domi, in Feb 2013, for the 3 jewel mod,service and AR treatment he also gave the case back a brushed finish resulting in the 3714-45 having a more refined look. Received the 3714-45 back in March from Domi and watch is working absolutely fine! The power reserve since the mod and service is around 48hours! Watch is very accurate to + 2 secs/day so I 'm very please. Only issue here is watch seems to stop intermittently when on the wrist, this started back in June, so i've sent the watch back to have it looked into and repaired. The long and short of it, is this 3714 movement is a ticking time-bomb in my opinion. Given the £ amount i've spent on it i could have bought a STOWA Marine Chronograph, Longiness, Hamilton, etc. But none of these watches look as good as the portuguese on the wrist . The Rep gets plenty of attention from the ladies and looks good in a casual or smart setting. So its a personal choice but be warned its an expensive watch gen or rep.
  2. Nice Jacob Straps .. do you mind confirming which of the Jacob straps you selected on his website?
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