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  1. Nope, the build need to completed, that's it. Whenever you achieved it is fine.
  2. Glad you like it, congrats again for your win!!
  3. yep, DW uses A7750 or A7753 so fully functionnal chrono
  4. Come on folks, bring your build to the party!!
  5. Hi Folks After the great October contest, here is another chance to share with other members your achievements and win a prize. 2 categories, low budget (under $500) and high end ones. We reset the contest every month so we can change our best build if we have a new one during the year. One small present for the winner every month. Yeah guys, i'll send to the winner an item as a reward for his achievement and keep members sharing their passion. If it occurs that I win a contest, I'll give the present to the second. In case of draw, a present for each! Nothing fancy regarding the freeb
  6. Ok so winners are DB's 666 and Kime's 6200 Congratulations to them and may the november contest brings more spectacular buid!
  7. Sorry guys, wasn't online for few days. Let's the vote start now until tomorrow 8pm. Good luck to all of us Tapatalked
  8. Guys there are no limit, you post whatever build of yours you prefer and the vote will choose the winner. I have to admit that the recent additions to this thread are raising the level pretty higher than I expected! Good job to all of you
  9. Recently i have seen some surprising watches either gen or rep in movies. For instance Ben Affleck wears a DeepSea in Argo where the story stands in the 70's... In Non-Stop with Liam Neeson, there is a focus on the pilot watch and you have a full screen fake Patek perpetual calendar chronograph appearance. As Lhooq said the fake Daytona in Kill Bill is not even hiding this particularity. Counters are days and months instead of regular hours and minute counters... Now talking about Rolex in movies, have a look at any Robert Redford or Clint Eastwood performances and you'll have a Rolex
  10. Michael Young will refurbish it for you and you'll get it close to a NOS one: http://www.classicwatchrepair.com/
  11. Ok Guys, 8 days before the vote opening. Post your builds to be eligible and good luck to all of you
  12. Great evolution, deserves a side pic to see the T39 profile
  13. You'll have an issue with the counters holes placement, even if you cut the feet (btw they are not in the same location on V72 and V7750) you couldn't install it anyway. But, you could place a V72 dial on an ST19 with a bit of modding on hour chrono counter hand pivot. Lot of work and high skills required
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