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  1. Nice looking single Red. What case did you use? Yuki? I do have a gen 313-1665-0-1 bezel assy already With all these 'gen' parts, phong is probably the best way to go and that's probably one of the most expensive part (other than the 1570 movement and the gen reprinted dial that I already have). And of course, unless I want a gen 7206 bracelet to go with it. Oh, and I have a sideways clasp as well..... Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  2. I have a mix bag of gen parts and am only missing a gen spec case and back. I am thinking of using Phong's but with the exchange now it is just way too $$. I am having second thought now since a lot of money has been tied up on this project..... Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  3. That is nice! I was planning to build something vintage and ended up on the idea of the 1665 SRSD prototype. I have been trying to get 'good' and gen parts to build this and I found a great Whoopy reprinted dial on gen plate. Not cheap but really good and it's on gen plate!! No lume or anything has been done to it since I am having second thought at this point..... Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  4. Lovely Kingston!! It was about $900 when it first came out and now it can be upwards of $1800..... Wish I bought one back then. Wear in good health. Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  5. That's a Kiger. Mark is a member on WUS and he released a couple of versions as a prototype (limited) and a maxi version, also very limited. Google Kiger Milsub. A very nice watch indeed. This is the gold gilt version with ETA movement. A homage to the 6538. I got some brass edge showing on the bezel and changed the sapphire to plexi. Also aged the insert a little. The other is the stealth and the newest is the Maxi. I have a maxi reserved for now. Few more shots of the Kiger. * note: Not my picture. Here's a shot of the maxi, again not my picture. Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  6. Read somewhere on WUS again regarding the Aramar brand. There were something bad happened before and no one there seems to like or talk about this brand. The homage submariner forum is into part X now and Aramar only came up once in a blue moon. Generally brands that are well discussed are MK II, Kemmner, Ticino, TC (Tiger Concept), Davosa, Kiger, Raven, Steinhart and the likes. Many micro brands out there and I have been following those and drifted slight away from reps for now. Picked up a few and also built a few, here are some shots of a few that I bought/built. Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  7. It is a nice watch. The only problem currently is the pip is off centre and they are aware of that. They are (Sizzlin) waiting for the new batch of insert to either include with the watch purchase or for some who already has one to replace. I believe it is running on Miyota 9015 movement. The bracelet is hard to adjust. There's also a previous yellow/cream lume version that has a different dial. For $200-$300, it's a great watch according to the WUS sub homage forum. Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  8. Happy Birthday cyberwarhol!

  9. Here's mine. Completely modded. Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  10. Here's a couple of iphone shots from the latest Priest show I was at. Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  11. Hi there. I have been reading around on all different forums for a while now and finally decided to give it a try. I am planning on building my birthday Grail and it all started in the purchase of the Whoopy SR prototype dial..... That was since the beginning of the year. Slowly saving up and constantly searching for components.... Now I have a gen 1570 movement, gen t-19 crystal (also a Clark t-39), gen 1680 hands, gen bezel insert with a luminova pip ( NOS so it is not a vintage insert with boxy 4 or kissing 5), new gen 24-703 crown and tube (700 is what I really want but too $$), gen stem, a rep sideways rolex crown buckle, a sterile riveted bracelet and gen fat spring bars in the mail. I am not close yet but now I am looking for opinions of am I on the right track? Also what case and bezel assy I should get? I think to find a gen case is not easy or cheap, if there are even real gen cases in the market. I think the phong prototype case is thinner (gen like) and probably a sterile 1680 case back and do the engraving of 'patent pending' afterwards will be good enough. Thought? Probably $$ so I am still saving up for them. What else am I missing? Thanks for your help and opinions. And yes, I will have to do some vintage lume on the dial and hands and perhaps and gen vintage pearl or something close. A Sent from my[emoji336]using Tapatalk [emoji355]
  12. Great. 45 in length is more reasonable. I think silix have some that are 55 in length. That would be wider than my mid arm!! Lol I was just not sure if mid size is the 38 in length or 45ish. This thread just make me want to get one and try it out. Sent from my
  13. Wow big differences in size. Would you say the mid size to be approx 30x38 or 32x44? Sent from my
  14. I also like to know what mid size is as well. Looks great. Sent from my
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