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Best jeans


The best jeans brand?  

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  1. 1. What is the best Jeans Brand

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Man that pole is so wrong in so many levels :whistling::victory: ..Havent touched my diesels in over a year by now prolly, and I have a few pairs myself. Its all japanese raw denim for me.Right now braking a pair of flat head 3001 and pure blue japan 007s. I also have 19oz heavy [censored] Samurais s710 for the winter, a pair of kicking mule blacks(Awesome jean, small American brand that works with japanese indigo) and I have a pretty beat up dior 19cms MIJ that I still wear quite a lot although the denim itself sucks..Great cut.

I'm with you on that, just picked up some Iron Heart 634s........21oz of denim goodness :thumbsupsmileyanim:

Next up will probably be some Studio d'Artisan.

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@ Bobbywaingro the 501 Jeans Fit in the US have an higher waist than in EU.

In EU the slim Fit is 511 this is right but if you want the very old 501 Fit you have to use the 505 in EU

Thanks Pane for clearing this up, i think i got the 505 and the 511 mixed up (or the salesperson i talked to did....).

The latest pair of levis i got was a "engineered selvege cinchback" wich was a really nice and comfortable jean

Is the 505 the same model in US and EU? I

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In early 2000, I wore all Diesel. Then slowly integrated to mostly raw (Nudies, Japanese Denim etc). Now I wear cheaper denim (WESC, Levi, Hurley, All Saint) because cuts and styles change often, plus my wife is in the industry :):):)

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