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Andreww's Guide to Breitling Navitimers


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not a huge fan of the navitimer...just wish they were a bit bigger, but this

is a magnificent guide for navi's. the time and effort taken to do this

should truely be applauded!! clap.gif great job my friend! excellent job.

Try googling for a Replica of the late 60s Navitimer 816 its 49mm wide great watch the Chrino Hands are Red.

Kind Regards


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Fantastic review!! But what about the last model Navitimer 01 43cm AB0120? Anybody knows something about a good rep of this watch? where can I find a white model with brown lether strap fully functional? And even in this model (in the genuine) the numbers from 1 to 9 are in different direction then the 10 - 31?

Thanks a lot in advance

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