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She is the World to me :)

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Guy's THANKS!!!

I cant tell you what i feelt on the day she was borne!!! Im sorry, but there are NO words that i can write to tell you what i feelt holding her in my arms!!! It's out of this world!!!

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Mate I feel for you....

Those eyes, will one day, cause you a world of pain as a Dad...enjoy your beautiful offspring while she is still Daddies little girl...

And yes get those barrels oiled !!

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Probebly best to get a bazooka and some ak's right now!

I know she is going to give me some real bad headakes in about 17years or so!

Thanks gang ;)

dont worry be happy!

by the time she is 17 you will have changed and become alll soft and friendly...thinking about it you have already become kind and friendly


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Done on your behalf, old friend.  Banned.

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