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  1. Well you are not getting a Telda (none for sale) or the Gervil (over 2k not going there IMHO ) , if your going that high better gen options.
  2. I went a hunting info on this watch , could not find any. Ok guys refined search found a few: https://www.google.com/search?q=telda+chronograph&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjux7X-7MXRAhUGQSYKHXcwBbQQsAQIGw&biw=1536&bih=755#tbm=isch&q=telda+paul+newman&imgrc=kSfyPSIOmIPYlM%3A
  3. OH thought you were talking gen on the rep you are not getting the new state of the art quartz. If you really want to go in deep on this use pics of movements then go look at pics of ETA and Ronda quartz movements to see which ones there are (not going to be easy), but no guarantee your going to get the exact ones in the pics anyway. PS save the $100 you can always replace quartz movement for 20 bucks.
  4. All quartz are not created equal now the ETA Precidrive is very good quartz and worth the extra coin IMHO, what's in the watch? http://www.eta.ch/index.php?id=301&L=2
  5. Good work helping each other out here gents.
  6. Scammed a fellow member: every opportunity was given to fix as he was a long time member w/ a good reputation.

  7. Raffle due up within a week I will PM you w/ a link when I put it up.
  8. Nicely done !
  9. To get back to OP's topic my self, I have had many many pass my door and no problems to speak of. I do however stay away from chrono models so that helps so my three hands just chug along. Now this may be due to my practice of wearing gens to work although no serious pounding going on there anyway and my major activity is kayaking and again due to water hazard I wear gen, no sense taking chances. (sort of beached due to frozen lake in my backyard!)
  10. The thought of mountain biking scares me, no watch needed!
  11. Big watch mate I do not go there on my 8.5 inch wrist, but to each his own................ Welcome back!
  12. Jedi going gold ......................
  13. Contact Nanuq he should be able to fix.
  14. Welcome and yes you stopped by at a great time some of our long time guys selling some stellar pieces.
  15. I will try to explain our position on above matter. High end builds are a touchy thing and I have done my due diligence. Having spoken to most of our Rolex modders I have found there are parts Rolex will sell unrestricted and those they do not, restricted. (some of you may know this but others may not so ....) Some have sources for them low and others have paid more this is due to access , if you can get from Rolex direct or have a supplier who does sell to you with a reasonable markup you get them on the cheap others have much paid more. I also have been on the phone with some heavy builders and they have paid prices on the high and low but in truth could not recall what the hell they paid on everything , I find that reasonable if you have 5 or 6 you've done as in this case. (I would not know beyond a doubt) I know I know write it down but some are not as organized as others so crap happens. This being said our habit of asking for breakdowns is a good thing but let's also look at the what the watch is worth overall not cherry pick a part or two you may be able to get cheaper. (did they who knows) Now it has been postulated that some always price on the high side and list their parts on the high end of what they cost in this we have decided to let the market do the work. Look you got no business buying a build for 2 to 5 k if you do not know your stuff and if you do not you ask around and research, your job as buyer not ours as mods. Now if a guy posted a TC with a gen insert and crystal for 2 k we would crush it but with laundry list of parts: phong this yuki that gen this that we can not get into it to many maybe's involved to make a definitive call. Now feel free to post in a thread if you think a bit high on something but let's not start a row you will never know what they paid and neither will we on parts, so keep it short and sweet. To expand further I have always felt that just sourcing all these parts and getting them put together right has a value all it's own, how many times have I seen guys post I bought this for 3-5 hundred but doesn't fit, how do you price that in. (we don't ) So look at the break down but also look at the watch in total in regard to price and more importantly is it worth that to you.
  16. Yes a bit aggravating but 700 CNY a 100 bucks U.S. so pretty easy to do in my head. I hate to be a pompous American but the USD is the world's reserve currency best we all price in dollars.
  17. OK I'll give it a stab: (Guys try this format easy for us to count) RWG Member of the year 2016 RWG dealer of the year 2016 Toro RWG rep of the year 2016 RWG modder of the year 2016 Misiekeped RWG new member of the year 2016 RWG crew member of the year 2016 Although you guys may see Legend and I very visibly in our work as we handle most of the member interaction w/ the staff Kernow our newest mod has been working like the energizer bunny hiding problem stuff only we mods can see before I even get to fix them. RWG veteran of the year 2016 Nanuq Going to have to think on the rest..................
  18. Hard to tell Stu, I do not have any way to count VIPs since posting.
  19. Guys unfortunately we do not run on love and unlike some other boards we are nonprofit but we need you to support our home. Now go down the bottom of the home page to see who is here plenty of guys but very very few contributing members. Now I see names I do not know not regular posters OK but then I see guys I know for years w/ no VIP, WTF is up with that in plain english. You are here discussing builds , buying watches, gaining knowledge for years but can not kick in 99 cents a week to help out. Yes under 5 bucks a month for a VIP come on you know that is not right others are paying for you and I am running raffles to keep us afloat. We were in the red the last three months running. So go grab one help out show respect for your fellow members who have one and yourself. Link to our store: http://rwg.cc/store/
  20. Guys our other buyer paid PP gift but through CC also so should have recourse also. The lesson here is: if you pay gift PP use a linked CC to cover yourself.
  21. OK the TC never arrived either another address issue it would seems,seeing a pattern here gents.......... On this one delivery was attempted two times but not to our buyers home as he was there and has video surveillance of his residence , no one came to deliver anything. No response from seller in regard to post problems buyer is having.
  22. Damn and I just bought the big can of Chock Full of Nuts coffee for $5.99!
  23. We also have TC sold to another member from the same seller "lost in transit" so to speak that I am working on it with mod Kernow. He or I will give more details also upon resolution.
  24. I saw a watch I fancied with this movement forget which dealer's site (not the dealer fault guys it's what the factories are putting out) , ran like the devil was chasing me.
  25. Long story mate rather you get it first hand.