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  1. Hi guys still kicking tooling around in my PAPR hood at hospital, quiet in the north of USA till winter I'd bet. Be careful get the Vac ( I got my booster this week) to no ill effect except a sore arm.
  2. OK gents although CDC and NHS have note updated the symptoms for the new Delta COVID strain (80% more transmissible then Kent!) they are different. Watch: I have cut you in at the info to save time. If you look at new symptoms we would have just about anyone w/ allergies a cold and such getting tested and out of work that is why CDC & NHS are not updating IMHO. Be careful out there......................
  3. Hmm interesting, does this mean reps will increase in value I wonder..................
  4. A favorite! But let's go w/ a classic! well for sick minds................
  5. Well guys things have calmed down a bit. A couple of factors, vaccines, our ability to treat w/ more knowledge & I would venture a bit of herd immunity from those who had but never knew it. I would like to talk about vaccines however bottom line get one if you can. Let me make my case: 72 year old frail women comes in two weeks after second Moderna shot , couple of issues but I think a UTI (Urinary Track Infection) but we test her she is positive for COVID.Well I go into isolation room she is breathing fine sating 95% O2 on room air last April /May she might have left in a body bag. (most likely) You see the vaccines work you may get but you will live in 99% of cases, so what are you waiting for! If some one is stupid enough to spout this mark of the beast crap I have no time for you. We all lined up at PS5 when I was a kid and got vaccines for all those diseases we have wiped out for the most part, no one went to hell or grew a tail! Oh & we banged out plenty of healthy kids while partying our butts off in 70s and 80s.
  6. I do also despite my huge wrist size but I guess they wanted to keep it at original monster size. Very good price if it lives up to the claimed specs.
  7. HEIMDALLR-62Mas-Mens-Diver-Watches-Men-Automatic-Watch-_010.webphttps://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001800575444.html?gps-id=pcStoreJustForYou&scm=1007.23125.137358.0&scm_id=1007.23125.137358.0&scm-url=1007.23125.137358.0&pvid=dd581439-b8ca-41f8-b1ab-076ededd6d09&spm=a2g0o.store_home.smartJustForYou_879539327.0
  8. That is a tough one, I really do not know anyone doing lum work.
  9. Quite correct I do K2 along w/ my "D", I believe I mentioned it somewhere.
  10. Guys see "D" is the key as MOAB told you. Load up gents chip as chips........................
  11. Thanks mate never doubted it! Guys as you know new mutations abound (3) do not know if my full 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine worth a damn. This being said "D" Zinc and "C" are your friends load up! On another note get some 95 masks I go nowhere out of the house without one, they are out there..................$$$ not cheap but what is your life worth , think about it. Sell a damn watch out of the box or two you have!!!
  12. Busy guys , enjoy your watches. Sorry for being absent....................
  13. Rower look at the clip see what the Docs are taking just stop it and read 4-6 K daily..................not what they tell others to take.
  14. ROWER your call on amount getting a blood test would be great but in US AND UK most on the low side. Do not think you can go wrong with 5000 a day but more maybe needed
  15. Catch this paper stop it and read , especially interesting look what these docs tell other to take on right what they are taking!
  16. Correct, sorry sort of thought we are all on same page. I'd up to 10 if you have been doing 5 for years depending on your blood D level. Guys next blood test ask your Doc to check D,Zinc and C I did & now know I am good on all three. Pretty high on the D but that is my choice planned it that way. I am not saying you can not get COVID w/ high D and good C and zinc but outcomes are much better. Just think who would make money if everybody loaded up on these cheap easily available vitamins, Hmmm not big pharma.................. and further if a much higher % of outcomes resulted in recovery how could they lock us down/control us, Hmmm again. I am not an anti mask extremist a matter of fact just the opposite as they work or I would not be here, but methinks never letting a crisis go to waste at work here also.
  17. Guys now if you have some sort of strange illness where D is bad for you of course do not take and it might be a good idea to talk to your Doctor about this also but in my experience they go to low on dosage recommendation. However my cousin who is in her late 60's got COVID a month or so ago now her Doc told her 30K a day , she is alive and well today. Mind you this was after contracting it so I believe getting ahead on this is a very good inexpensive move.
  18. Gents received my second dose this Monday . Sore arm no other side effects, the key to this and to protect you from COVID prior to vaccine it vitamin "D" . Now it takes 6-7 days for you to process D into useful form in your body . Just had blood test D was 85mg now over 40 -50 considered good 20 under your dead w/ COVID. Look D is cheap as chips get a 10k dose bottle take 20 for a week then 10 K daily thereafter, what do you have to lose. Now the darker you are the more this is critical, I am Sicilian have a tan year round so I went heavier, if you from African decent go 30k then 20K for a few weeks then 10 K. OK WTF is MOAB going on about well "D" helps your immune system cells fight off COVID and also regulates response. "regulates" yes it is key cytokine storm kills my patients your own bodies immune response gone ballistic, inflames lungs , mast cells etc your dead. (Covid does not want to kill you but live off you) Also take some K2 to offset high D or you might get kidney stones (never kills anybody but hurts!) Now D is fat soluble so I take w/ olive oil.................. All these years you guys have trusted me to settle disputes w/ your hard earned $, please trust me now. I want you all around next year! Worst case you blow a few bucks on vitamins.............
  19. Happy belated New Year gents, been a bit busy W/ the COVID. Worked overnight New Years Eve lost two, rough night.
  20. Guys I received first of two Pfizer vaccine shots today, I'll let you know if I get any side effects.
  21. See now they know it's a Rep it's build is to on the money! LOL
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