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Mike on a bike

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  1. WOW they bother to rep those.............or rather home build.
  2. I usually wear 40mm and under but have worn the FF rep being 45mm with no problem , felt pretty good on actually. With my almost 8.5 inch wrist should look OK on despite the size, maybe I'll take a punt on one of these .
  3. There is always STP: http://www.ablogtowatch.com/visit-stp-watch-movement-manufacture-fossil-group-answer-eta/
  4. Wish you guys well getting it all sorted.
  5. Welcome and well deserved, as I only drink Scotch and you red wine this should work out well!
  6. denea keep me posted on this, I have a lot going on will not be contacting you so if it doesn't come soon let me know via PM.
  7. thrashing
  8. Always tough when a long time known guy goes rogue, we (and I in my role here) have no way to defend on this . It is a chance we take......................
  9. I will look into it.
  10. Happy Birthday!!
  11. https://www.christopherward.com/events/preview?utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+Up+To+Half+Price+Clearance&utm_content=Up+To+Half+Price+Clearance+–+New+Products+Added&utm_campaign=16/02/2017&_bta_tid=293994060476000191455739305988982128765679537344927275816131647472925383804166396814092&_bta_c=g4i4z13aog2x159c11b94u7kyp2e7 Guys even at full price every review I see on this alone, against other brands in there range whatever have a common view they punch well above there cost in build quality, fit and finish. So look at the link you are going to get a lot of bang for your buck!
  12. More f**ken birds! Is that a mating dance or a fight I wonder, never mind....................
  13. I'm afraid I'm a little weak in the ornithology department. Nanuq the bird did it! OH my now that's better!
  14. A bird.............................? Pray tell so we have bread, tits and a bird....................getting a bit weird.
  15. AH! so are we talking bread or tits!
  16. Alli there gone I just got in on PC now, when I first went on the link they were there must have had maybe one two of each in stock now no more...................
  17. Trident comes in auto 238 quartz, I think around 400 for auto should be in the link I posted. Cheacked, not coming up in my phone but they were there on my PC maybe try from home computer alli.
  18. Well hardware can be fixed/replaced it was the other problems they had which were a bitch. And welcome guys sure we will be getting some visitors from our fellow RWI based rep enthusiasts, while your here take a shot at one of our legendary raffles! Three winners worth a shot!
  19. Well you did not get them from me .......................
  20. I have no problem expanding our TD base but as stated the twins are very good for first timers and most of us know of the other dealers that are out there. There are always dealers that might be on one forum and not the other and I know of none of us that have all the good ones.
  21. Amplitude on the bottom of acceptable range but I would not refuse for that, all else looking good.
  22. Seems Trusty has a new one will be up tomorrow, they are quick off the mark!
  23. That was us nothing sinister.
  24. Guys I am hopeful we are out of danger on this now, over the next week or so as we all come and go please report here on anything odd.