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  1. You maybe right Ken although I hope otherwise. But I think you blind yourself to a scenario of a few well placed bombs,we can turn Iran in to apocalyptic zone and so then another wants' to support this crap just poke your head up ditto end game, you want to dance.................watch the smart ones run from the cause. We have the ability, just keep pushing it. You all know me as a measured compassionate man but the smart move is to get your house in order before we have to do it for you. Just keep killing little girls and school buses full of kids,I have no reservations wiping out you whole country /region /whatever. Do not give me that no country crap they are hidden take a look at my post 42,600 civilians killed in an 8 day raid on one city ,OH yes they will succumb or perish. I think many miss the significance of those actions ,these were not evil men ( Uncle Pat was a sweetheart little guy but he got it done although I think it haunted him ) but men who under stood the dire situation: me and mine or you & yours pretty simple math here and we are holding almost all the aces. Have no doubt the power is there, my most heartfelt wish is that it will not come to pass but the time to draw the line is very near.
  2. Explosions reported at Manchester arena at a concert, no reports of any group claiming responsibility. At this point unknown whether malfunction of some type of equipment or an attack. Twenty dead 100's injured is the count at this time.
  3. Well it would seem we have some very learned folk to parse this. I will present it this way: either or any religious book can be interpreted to whatever means the person doing it desires, the Quran due to it's straight forwardness (Our way or off w/ your head) makes it a real ripe target to use for their evil purposes. I think we can agree on that. Now I have called on Muslims of good character to stop this madness on their own many of them my friends here, but I fear they being the most vocal put themselves at risk. I do however lean to Hayden's numbers, a lot more than supposed are passively supporting this evil apparition of their faith through inaction. This being said the majority still not on board and if they pushed it they could stop it. But that is very very risky business though and I do not see it coming to pass but I always have hope. You see I must have hope as all of you know the means to crush this are at the western powers disposal just not the will but a few more bus loads of kids and concert goers well the gloves might come off. This is to be avoided if we can because then this will become reality. " Unfortunately, this is not a war that can be won with any substantial level of compassion. We'll be fighting it this way for many, many generations if the strategy remains the same. " Very true unfortunately look at this my fellow westerners. Yes very bad, we did this with prop planes and convectional munitions in WWII no nukes needed. Yes your fathers, grandfathers,uncles (a matter of fact my uncle Pat was on a B-17 in these raids) did this, heroes all going by tale of the time. (get your arms around that gents) Imagine what the RAF and US Air force could do today. The horrific numbers on the first pic above: " The attack during the last week of July 1943, Operation Gomorrah, created one of the largest firestorms raised by the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Forces in World War II, killing 42,600 civilians and wounding 37,000 in Hamburg and virtually destroying most of the city " yes we can raise entire cities without a nuke and we did and certainly can now. If we do not get handle on this soon the only recourse will be to go all in, no not good not good at all................they may have to soon in any event if Iran gets nukes it's game over for the entire world.(that is another really scary can of worms) I lament for all the recent loses but look at the numbers above,in the big picture they pale in comparison and the clock is ticking. In closing I am very disturbed but at peace within myself, I spend my own blood (my eldest)to defend what is right for all as I am beyond the age to do myself. In the end all, Jew ,Christen and Muslim must rise above to stop the potential outcomes above as they are just to dire to accept. I/we live in hope but hope is not enough act , you have the power to change this from within my Muslim friends we have only brute force and once unleashed I fear the worst for all..................
  4. This has happened before it will happen again. Of course with different players and vehicles and I use vehicle as the Nazi's were not religious per say but conducted genocide to a hellish extent. I will give you religion is the vehicle of choice most of the time. ( and no diesel religion ain't going away yet so that's out) But no point looking back at all nor to far forward for the next one. So let us be the pragmatist we are, how to we stop this one? Don't think the turning the other cheek gonna help.............. no that's out, you send your kid to the next concert they are going to blow up, I think not. OK cheek thing out the window. We could go old testament on it eye for eye sort of deal sure the SAS could go in and kill a whole bunch of ISIS guys here and there around the world. I'm sure if you talk to a few families who lost little ones they would be all for it. If it were my kid I'd sign up to do it myself and don't take the high road bull with me here if it were yours' you would. (or at least you should) Doubt that gonna happen to bad to would not do much good long term(to small scale) but surely send a message. You know the French sent fighters over after attacks on them to blow up the bad guys they got it done, it did not stop. Then again we could go on fighting as we are now with one hand tied behind our backs feeding the military industrial complex. (they love this shit , you know this) We are basically funding both sides, with tax dollar on one and petrol dollars for the other. This sucks but it is what we are doing now, have no doubt. You see this problem is complex the causes are irrelevant: who drew the map of the middle east after WWI, no opportunities for Arab youth, whatever doesn't really matter, how are we going to stop this one is the question. Now the high minded discussions of this thread have made be proud to counted among you, but we got a big problem here gents and going back and forth over the merits of having or not having religion ain't gonna get'r done. Neither is the peaceful coexistence of multiple religions in your little world, it ain't working out side of it. Blow up kids at a concert, case and point. Did I miss something? Do you have a a plan/scenario I missed , I'm all ears..................
  5. Of course it is, of the hundreds of concerts back in the day (in my youth) nothing ever blew up it's about time to wake up and take of the gloves. Do you think I mean mean the UK military or mine no , it's up to good Muslims to fight to get their honor back and stop these indiscriminate killings there is no honor, no religion of any kind in this you know this. My boy fights for you will not you have the courage to fight for yourselves I must ask ? Do not be afraid there are so many more good good people among you unite, only you can stop these atrocities from within. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to stand by watch it happen and do nothing.
  6. I figured as much but did not want to jump to conclusions it is so easy in these times
  7. Who the hell knows, kids , terrorists, an amp blew up, just terrible news in any event. Came across my TV as I was logging on a special alert thingy.
  8. So I'll refrain from banning anyone till the morn when I'll be really nasty w a hangover!
  9. Good sh*t!
  10. As far as is known TC is out of the rep game (and we will say no more in regard by his request)If there as some of his great parts around and watches are built no harm no foul. If misiekeped had some TC parts around and built one I doubt some of those who commented here would have anything to say. Until such time TC contacts me and has a problem w/ this there is a market so I will let the market work.
  11. LOL, I like to think using first rate parts to get the desired outcome.
  12. Well hello gents see you are over for a visit. So let's keep it gentlemanly.......................watch your typos your well aware we do not allow this vendetta to perpetuate here.
  13. Very Nice Andy and although I have wrist for them could never bond with the DSSD but whatever if you like on great,wear in good health!
  14. PS 5512 w/ plexy of course...
  15. OK my friend not going there . Wise in the ways of the forum is MOAB but has ten thumbs, off it goes to smith!
  16. So you must take guts out of watch (case alone) and insert off I gather ,saw it done with watch basically intact online?
  17. AH Alan so it's yours , wear in good health that is going to be sharp as hell on mate. Man the case work is sublimeNanuq has to see this one he'll bust a nut!
  18. Outstanding and of course you will PM me first if you ever decide to sell it! LOL
  19. middle
  20. You ain't gonna a find a way out of that in a bottle fluffy. Get to school my friend increase your earning potential and you aren't to old I did it a 48 took, 3.5 years of running around trying to keep up with kids less than half my age best thing I ever did.
  21. OH boy this should be good.................
  22. Hey ,been a long time mate.
  23. Though not a fan RD I do go with the less is more thinking and I concur too busy and what the hell do I do with all those sub-dials anyways...............Your black one dadog13 would be my choice if I HAD to wear one.
  24. i have a couple of these real nice if you get over deep blue on the clasp.
  25. Depends on where you sit sort of you say potato I say potahto.To a guy on the Rolex forum it is a fake to us a rep/reproduction sounds a lot better....................