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  1. without a gen on hand, there is no way you can tell the differences. Scary really, in the next few years I strongly believe that rep world will have a different ball game.
  2. +1 btw: I have one waiting for a donor case.
  3. I've been searching for a decent one with gen specs for many years and am disappointed to learn they are no longer in production due to whatever reasons, god knows. However, recently I contacted Yuki about it (as they did offer them before) and he told me that they didn't have plans for it. I'm sure, if we get enough interest, someone out there is willing to heat up the production again. Rep is accepting 29mm dial whereas gen is taking 27mm. 2mm there is a lot of differences considering if you try to close the gap. On the contrary, the opening can be widen simply by putting it on the milling machine. keep dreaming. In the worst case scenario, pick up a rep and call it a day.
  4. Thanks for putting this together. Great info. appreciated. now which TD has the best version of 3717-02 (white dial)? I like this than the black dial simply because there are rare and classy especially with tan/brown leather strap. Look around your collection I am sure 90% are in dark/black dials.
  5. my dream watch, always. Wear in good health. Lov it
  6. the biggest tell of all is the crown based on my research. Lately, someone over RWI told me there is a V6 3717 on the market, I donno how good is that. Has anyone bought one recently? don't mind to share.........
  7. can anyone tell me please.......... does the rep case needs any modification before it can be swapped with a gen movement and gen crown (with gen tube of course)?? p.s. sorry to jump on your thread but I'm on the same route as you.
  8. you mean, to install a gen crown needs a gen tube as well?
  9. beautiful............ tell me, how the quality of the 7206?
  10. ck5533


    amazing build. LOVE the dial.
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