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  1. I am trying to sell my 204 weep but I cannot figure out how to upgrade my account in order to do so. Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. I am in the process of buying a 3714 watch head and need to get a strap. I am getting a black with black stitching but want to know which one is the OEM style, the polished or matte finished strap? Here are 2 pictures from Peter's site: Thanks for the help
  3. Which one is the closest to gen? I like the white dial but it doesn't look as pure white like the genuine one is. Any advice is much appreciated. Here are the links: http://www.ttw168.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=241_245&products_id=9999&zenid=bec3f645732ff0f3d08d3981ce2fd0a1 or http://www.ttw168.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=241_246&products_id=10077&zenid=bec3f645732ff0f3d08d3981ce2fd0a1 I would also consider the blue dial version if that is closer to the gen. Thanks
  4. That 45mm wouldn't be worn by any secret agent! Great review though.
  5. Anyoneccatch what watch he was wearing in episode 5 when he's at the party wearing a tux?
  6. As many people know, Kevin Spacey often wears IWC in his movies and now hie TV show, "House of Cards." Has anyone watched it yet? It is pretty good! Here is a look at his 3714 that he is sporting in the show.
  7. Is it the one you bought from me about 6 months ago? I may be interested in buying it back..
  8. I am looking for a 25mm strap that tapers to either a 20 or 22 mm buckle/deployant depending on what the deployant clasp size is of the 288. Does anyone know off hand if the 288 clasp is a 20 or 22 mm? Does anyone have a good recommendation on where to buy a 25mm strap in the US? Thanks
  9. I would most definitely start a PP claim, and not always do they side with the seller if they provide a valid tracking number, I know they didn't side with me when i sold something awhile back to someone overseas, they claimed that what they received was just an empty box it even though it wasn't, and I lost. Has that happened to anyone else?? People are so dishonest these days. Hope everything works out, Good Luck
  10. It looks fantastic to me. You guys like it as much as i do?
  11. It was the one up for sale a few days ago. I'm not sure I could trust you with the wine, maybe the watch though
  12. Just wanted to post some pictures of my new watch since I may not be able to enjoy it for very long as the wife is very [censored] at me for buying another watch! This is by the nicest rep I have owned, it was 2nd on my grail list behind PAM 204, it will tough to let this go. Anyway, here is some pictures:
  13. Oh, thats good to know, Now we wait for QC pics!
  14. Well, I just 2 of the 42mm versions one with the orange numbers and one with the silver numbers. I couldn't decide which I liked better so I bought both, I figured i'd sell one of them when they arrived!! Cannot Wait!!
  15. Haha, that's why I went to his site, and he still offers Paypal where as Andrew doesn't or did I miss it?
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