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  1. This year Chinese New Year falls on the 28 of January, this means nothing comes or goes from China from approximately the 18th of Jan to the 10th of Feb. Get your orders done before the cut off date and issues sorted because once China shuts shop dealers will have no way of looking after you. Ken
  2. Only 5 days left to get yourself a bag at $75 off. Don't forget that to many places through-out the world i do not charge shipping so the bag minus $75 is all you pay. Ken
  3. This is still on folks
  4. Just a quick heads up I will keep shipping right up until Christmas but the closer we get the less chance they will arrive before Christmas. I can't put a date on this as it varies from place to place. Ken
  5. From now until Christmas all bags are $75 off. This does not include wallets and purses but alternative discounts will apply for all orders of more than 1 item exceeding $250. Please see my site here..... http://cyckdb.com/ Ken
  6. ok I have been away from the action for a while but where do you get a case like that?? She's a looker for sure Ken
  7. If any customers are trying to contact me through email please be aware that my computer has been hacked and my Hotmail email account is currently blocked. I took immediate action and had all hacking tools, trojans, malware etc etc removed from my computer so no one should be in danger of dealing with a scammer, the problem I am currently having is making MSN believe that I am the true account holder and not the hacker. Just a note to anyone who wishes to make a future attempt (this is the 2nd for me) there is absolutely nothing to be gained, there is no links to my factory or banking details at all, the most that can be gained is a link to my sales rep and she is 100% faithful to the business, she would tell me immediately. Ken
  8. Hi Ken, Was just in the throws of purchasing a bag off Ben of Finer Labels for a Xmas present for my girl, when I saw complaints about his products!  Were can I view your products or make contact with you?  Here's my email address below if you would like to contact me with your details.....


  9. I am heading Interstate tomorrow for 4 days, please hold any orders until I return. Thank you Ken
  10. Where can i go to purchase a 1:1 Hermes belt from you? Thank you!

    1. KB


      sorry for the very late reply but I never check this area, usually to contact me just sent me a PM.

      This is my site here..... http://cyckdb.com/


  11. Hi Mr. KB

    Can you PM or e-mail your link.


    Thank you very much!

  12. can i get a link to your store? i wan to buy a fendi backpack

  13. Hello how can I get in contact with you I would like to purchase some things from you. Here's my email address I would love for you to contact me soon thank you  Bankstiffany17@yahoo.com 

  14. Can you pm me a link to your site?

  15. What is the clipper? Can you send me links to the others you mentioned.