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  1. Hey guys. I just ordered this. Is this the latest one? Anything i should know? Thanku all. Haven't posted here in a couple of years so just checking in.
  2. Thanku. Thats the name of the company. They are based in Paris. Google that name and youll see their work
  3. Just got my custom made ABP strap. I share it with you guys. The silver stitching is awesome
  4. Lol reading up on this today. The only time in my 45 years of life that i been robbed.
  5. No relume and not a redial. All original. I found out the info i needed on RWI. Sorry for the blurry pics.
  6. I wasnt able to get good pics on this dial i was using my iphone. I did find out its a mk1 long e dial though.
  7. I posted on this two years ago. Lol i wonder what it was.
  8. Hi guys. I need some info on this dial. Type? And worth. I bought on eBay in 2000 Thanku.
  9. Two days. I forgot to put my night watch. patek aquanaut with gen strap. Ill do it tonite.
  10. Ill be going on vacation with these guys. There all gen. I just like showing them to you guys.
  11. Ill be going on vacation with these 




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