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Wristies - thread consolidation?


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I took a day off from 'important work' and today's time waster project is a stainless 40mm Mickey...


Movement and dial originally came in a tutone plated pot metal case, now in a new goldtone Caravelle stainless steel case, it was an exact fit.  The 'gray metal' pot metal case was beginning to corrode and I do not know what it is made of but once it starts corroding, it travels rapidly.  The mouse was loose on the dial so I glued it back on after drilling a 1mm hole in the dial under each foot so the glue could reach it from the back side.  There were two little dial feet on the mouse body to index the dial and hold glue but none on the feet.  The glue they use to mount the mouse comes loose after a few years and the watch is probably from around 2005 or so.



The Disney case back fit like a charm too, this does not happen very often.  The Caravelle had a Miyota 2035 type date movement and the Mickey has a Hattori PC21 type movement with date.  I used the Caravelle movement spacer and crown in the Caravelle case.  The Caravelle crown has the O ring inside the crown and the Mickey had the O ring on the crown tube so the Mickey crown with 'mouse ears' could not be used.  Next time I'll change the case tube to accept the mouse ear crown.

The Mickey watch and movement were originally made by SII (Seiko) and the Caravelle watch/movement were made by Bulova (Citizen).

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