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Rolex 1019 Milgauss... One of the most difficult Rolex to get !!!!!

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Here is one of the most difficult Rolex reference to get: the 1019. I has a unique case shape that does not allow using an other ref as a base. Unique crystal size and hands... Everything but the crown differs from all the other refs.


This one was totally custom made, with a very nice case !!! Diameter is correct, and it hosts a genuine vintage T39 !!!! So simple apparently... yet so difficult to get. Enjoy the pictures !






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Even though I'm not really a fan of the Milgauss, I must honestly admit that this model had very good looks. Beautiful red subtle details make this clock particularly beautiful and different.


Thanks for sharing

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Magnificent! By saying ”all custom”, does that include case and dial? Would be very interested if there were a spare set around... :)

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Nice work as always @rolojack  IIRC this was your second attempt at this reference?


I remember coming across your first build ages ago in a search ...you said this was a prototype case that you had made.   I had contacted you about this build as I wanted to commission you to build one for me , but you never replied to me.  

This picture of yours is what made me decide to go on this difficult journey to build my own.

in your first build I really liked the case and particularly the bezel  but you used datejust hands as there are no DG / ETA options for the 1019  only rolex fit

I like this new build ..that crystal is awesome!  I wish I could find one similar for mine!   The bezel however looks to be a bit too larger from the front view.   

Everything else about it looks great.


What movement did you use in this new build? 





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I have researched the hell outta this reference and I think I have saved practically ever pic on the web of this watch  lol 


If I may add my build and experience to this thread  (not to thread jack ) but to add as a reference point for future builders who wish to attempt this build on their own.  All I can say is GOOD LUCK!  


Here is my version of a 1019 Milgauss.


CASE: My case is slightly larger than a gen at 38.7mm  It is a Silix 6538 that has been modified ,  the bezel area has been modified to fit a crystal on the outside diameter   lug holes drilled out and lugs beveled .  A custom bezel made by JMB was made to fit to the case.   I like how my bezel looks from the front by the side profile is a bit too thick   that is because of the case machining and in order to hold the crystal onto the case with the bezel.   If I ever decide to rebuild this piece  I would see if the case can be machined down just a bit more and then I can shave about .5 mm from the thickness.


 CRYSTAL:  I had originally used a domed crystal that is similar to yours but I didn't like it as much as it highlighted the space between the inside of the bezel and the chapter ring.  I wanted a beveled crystal that would hide that.  The only one that I found that would fit the 33mm diameter of my case was on Cousins.  It fits similar to your first build    Its not as tall as yours but it is beveled which solved my original issue.  Now if I could only find one that is taller to get the proportions right between bezel and crystal.  you have achieved this with your  second build.



Dial and hands are yuki   Made to fit Rolex 1560 

dial is not perfect.  This mk1 dial should have a - between oyster perpetual compared to gen


I had to commission the steady hands of builder  Yodog to broach the hands to fit the swiss eta 2826 movement and assemble. this work was above my pay grade and he did an awesome job of it.   He himself was skeptical if he could do it or not because of the sizes involved but he did it!


He also managed to fit a Faraday cage into my case for me which I thought was badass.  its also helps support the movement in the case.


My dislikes of my build.

1. bezel thickness / crystal ratio  this may change some day or I will just live with it

2. chapter ring on the case is slightly bigger that I wished it was.  I have a bit too much space between the edge of the case and the chapter ring on the dial  would be noticed if compared side by side with a gen or someone that had studied the [censored] out of this model would notice this. 

3 case size...although slightly larger  its not really a problem for me and it has a great wrist presence on my 7.5" wrist

4 movement is hand wind...would have been nice to be able to fit an automatic but with the  stem height and the faraday cage, there is only so much you can do!  I think the term her is trying to fit 10 lbs of [censored] in a 5 lb bag lol  


My Loves of this build!

1 I got a Milgauss 1019!!

2 it didn't cost me 30 grand to own a Milgauss 1019

3  These are rare models in the gen world and even more so in the rep world.  I know of only 3 confirmed 

mine, Rolojacks and one guy on Ebay in California was selling a 1019 black dial with a tudor movement.  I asked him about it by he didnt give up alot of details but I am guessing his was a tudor jumbo. or a yuki case ( when they sold them) 

4  I own a milgauss for under 30 grand!! lol  had to say it twice. haha


here are a few pics of mine.







image (1).png

image (6).png


image (13).png

image (14).png

image (15).png

image (16).png


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Very nice build. where is a good place to get the caseback stickers from ?

I got mine off EBay. Asian seller

I see one on there right now for $250b03f65380fa77d629c68d674b05436a1.jpg.00 who knows if it’s Gen of a copy like mine. $250 for a sticker. !! Mine was under $20.00

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