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  1. Have you seen the price though $700. A bit rich for me unfortunately though it probably going to become a bit of classic
  2. https://www.omegawatches.com/speedytuesday/ speedy tuesday 311.
  3. Thats what worries me that its a birds watch , is your sister getting the 39 or 34?
  4. 114300 released , TB & TW both teasing me . Photos a bit dull but trusty's video it looks very nice What are you thoughts lads ? Gen
  5. Damn I wish I could afford one of these, apparently sold out already. Well Nice
  6. That looks very good
  7. That's really cool. Pretty sure thats unique and giving some gadget envy. Reminds me of an astronomy show I went to at Uluru
  8. Like Omega moonies the subdial spacing currently available in rep movements doesn't quite allow for accuracy. Lack of accuracy unfortunately means lack of sale. I really like the Zenith Chronos that came out with the visible balance wheel but they were so expensive $500+ and the Gen Elprimero is an auto.
  9. That's on sweet looking piece. When you say ultimate dial what do you mean ? It looks excellent
  10. I just saw this on RG , How are you finding the watch , is it smaller than you average RM? I think it looks great
  11. Think you better buy one and tell us
  12. Yeah I was trying to be positive. I saw a side profile picture on fat panda and it looked ok. I think they cut the carbon fibre incorrectly or what ever they do. Such a shame. They must of gone to quite an effort to F it up so badly
  13. I was so hoping they would get the case colouration right . Bit gutted cos the movement looks ok http://www.trustytimezone.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=352&products_id=16171&zenid=9ec73254b04bbf037f9c70f587a1e3f1 Supposed to be like this Did find this which looks much better (Must be a gen ) http://www.iwcwiki.net/composit-carbon-richard-mille-rm-027-tourbillon-rafael-nadal-replica-watch/ I don't think carbon fibre was the best choice of material to try to rep , I'd of been happy with a plastic or resin if it looked ok Im so disappointed GGRRRRGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR ST4
  14. $10k on a watch is a no go in my house. So won't be happening for me
  15. Glad to hear I'm not the only one.