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  1. Happy Birthday gasdoc!

  2. I believe some dealers have them but not with the bracelet which is excellent. If you find one buy it!
  3. Standard rep datewheel. I've got the same one but I swapped the dw for a lello and double AR from K2222. It's a great watch. Very well made.
  4. gasdoc

    Josh/Cartel 1680 rehaut diameter?

    Where did you get the thin spacer ring? Do you know the dimensions? I have that issue right now with a yuki dial in the 2846 josh version. Thanks!
  5. Happy Birthday gasdoc!

  6. gasdoc

    Navitimer datewheel

    Unfortunately I need the one with the first 9 numbers rotated 90 degrees. Anyone got a scan of one?
  7. I got one from rafflestime on eBay. Nice quality with decent endlinks for 34$ shipped. You have to ask for rolex markings otherwise you get a sterile bracelet.
  8. gasdoc

    Navitimer datewheel

    Anyone have a navitimer datewheel (gen) or even a good scan of one? I need the date at 4 from the tricompax model. Thx
  9. gasdoc

    Source A7750 Movement

    I just bought a seconds at 9, 3-6-9 layout 7750 from Hont on RWI for $100 plus shipping. I think most TD can source them.
  10. gasdoc

    Who needs a crystal...

    Tried so hard to bond with it buy to no avail. It is just awesome looking. Might be on the chopping block soon though.
  11. gasdoc

    To physicians ...

    Nope. I come her for escape and anonymity.
  12. gasdoc

    Who needs a crystal...

    The AR is awesome but shows surface scratches at a certain angle. Takas AR seems to hold up a little better but isn't quite as impressive IMHO.
  13. Vac 5004 with chief AR. Someone asked me if the glass had fallen out! Hktan strap is soooo nice.
  14. Bump for an awesome old thread. I used the pics to fix my keyless without even removing the dial or hands. I just put the lever back into place from the side of the movement. Thanks!!!
  15. gasdoc

    Tudor only watchbox...

    Needs crown and pearl swapped and then it will de done. Maybe some light aging.