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Rolex Wristies thread


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Older '5513' with a twist.

Top view...



Bottom view, Mary 'foldoyster' with a flipper locker...



Inside view with the twist...


The twist is a Hattori (Seiko) VH31A continuous sweep quartz movement.  It ticks similar to an older rolex with an 18,000 bph 1530 etc at 5 whacks per second.  This movement makes 4 whacks per second but it is better than one whack per second.  It already had a 'me first' dial so it is period correct for the slower beat rate.  Ha!

The 'A21J' went south and I did not want to screw with another automatic so I went this route.  I can hang it up, wear it, or pitch it in a drawer for a couple months...automatics can't beat that.   

Hands are TAG Heuer ETA 955.xxx quartz replacements (1.20/.70/.20) aged in strong coffee.  It was a quickie job and the next one will be a bit neater, maybe a '1016'.  Case origin is unknown for sure (JKF?) and the bez assembly is a spring wire DW takeoff with a GS crystal.


Update 10-8-2022:

Found the specs on the VH31A.  It makes four (4) whacks per second, not 5 so I changed it above.

Seiko Instruments (SII) VH31 / VH31A watch movement | Caliber Corner



Quartz '5513' observations... - The Rolex Area - RWG


Update 11-18-22...

With rubber strap, RIYI strap hoods, and deployant clasp...



Clasp cap and fliplock...



Blades and latch...




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"Did you make your own movement spacer?"


Yes, it is made out of a brass flat washer.  Can't remember the original size but I had 6 or 8 machined and now they are 31.6mm OD, 24.0mm ID, and 2.25mm thick.  A friend cut them on a shop lathe because my Sherline lathe is small and would take too long, it is Ok for sizing the rough cut spacers to cases and movements though.  These spacers work fine for projects using cases made for rolex 12.5 ligne and ETA 11.5 ligne movemets.  The ID is a little bit too big for the Hattori movement as it is 23.6mm so I had to push a thin metal movement spacer in between the movement and brass spacer.  Not a very good solution but it works.  Next time, I'll use a spacer with the correct ID if I can find any flat washers to make them.

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'New' 1016...


New as in different case and bracelet but same dial and 'combo' ETA 2824/2846 that was in my JMB '1016'.  Sold the JMB cases and the guts ended up here.



Genuine 16220 case, ST bezel, cut to fit GS 22 crystal.  Lug holes bored out for oem 1016 spec spring bars.  This case already had spring bar holes all the way through the lugs.



This same case had a 1570 and genuine 1016 dial for a while in mid 2008.  The bracelet is a cheapo with hollow mid links.  The screw holes in the removable links were blind on one side and I drilled them out and pressed short pieces of stainless pins in them and finished the ends to look like ends of the screws.

Made a new brass spacer to position the movement in the case and cemented the 'no foot' dial to the spacer.  Case clamps and screws keep it all in place.

This late 1980s (L serial) 16220 case may look a bit more like a later 1016 than an earlier model.  The 2824 base movement is a good fit in this case but a 2836 would be a hair too thick.  A 2836 is a better fit in a 16000 type case.


The earlier '1016' with the JMB case looked new but this high mileage case looks the part.  More or less.

Note the worn lug tips from a bracelet on the side view and below, this takes place over years of daily wear.  The left lug is shadowed and gives the impression of heavy wear but the other side gives a more accurate impression.  This happens when the hoods and bracelet connecting links wear and allow the bracelet to rub the insides of the lugs.


It looks pretty bad in this close-up but it does not show much at all on the wrist.


The 'new 1016' (16220) case above compared to a replica 36mm 'modern explorer' case that is similar to a replica 162xx DJ etc.  This modern type explorer' has an A21 in it and the case will accept an ETA 2836-2.  I have one that came with an ETA 2836 and they are identical except for the movements, hands, dials, and dial foot location.  This one has silver/gray writing on the dial and the ETA 2836 models have the correct white writing.

It is 15+/- years old but looks like the same cases they are selling today...maybe the same as an unmodified JMB '1016' case?  It will accept oem crystals etc.


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"Nice! where did you source the watch hands? They look pretty good!"



The hands are pretty flat and came from ST...'Tudor Style Sub Hands'...RH-TD/SUB-W.

Got the bracelet from a 'Crazy Sale' AK/Explorer from 'Paul' @ Abay, 2005 or so.

The dial came from RWG member 'Stilty' around 2011 iirc.

The case from a guy on the 'net in March 2003.

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Rlx 6605 from 1956...


Cal 1065, 25 jewels, roulette date disc, 'Pie Pan' service dial.  Originals had radium lume.

No dial feet, a spacer snaps on the movement and the dial snaps on the spacer.

The dial holds the date disc in place, unlike later 15xx models.  It can be very aggravating.


Note, March 4, 2023:

Everything in the movement is in fine condition and the winding rotor bearing is like new (it may have been replaced).  The rotor bearing is the Achilles' heel of these movements and almost impossible to find now (p/n 7004).  There is a tiny punch mark at the end of the movement serial number indicating the 'sole' of the autowind assembly (small brass plate holding the reverser in place) has been updated with a steel spacer to prevent wear, along with a new type of reverser sometime during service.  The previous owner took good care of the watch before I bought it in March 2007 and I bought it because the price was reasonable.  Looking back, it was a good deal even if parts have just about disappeared since then.


Swiss Jubilee with 55 hoods also dated 1956...


Michael Young in HK worked on the bracelet in August 2007 ($160 USD back then), and it looks better than my lousy pic.  

The watch is in good condition to be 67 years old and since most of the movement parts are no longer available, it is basically a 'special occasion' watch today.

The downside (other than no parts) is it looks very much like a 16xx DJ and very few would notice it was a 'historically memorable classic'.  Or care.  :pimp:



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