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A Close Inspection to the Mechanism of the AP seconds @ 12

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So if i understand the last couple of posts correctly from The Zigmeister and Franciso, this is better than the porto and the daytona movement, but it would have been better it the transfer of mins was routed via the co-axial gear and use the jeweled gears for the transfer of seconds, If problems do happen then the graphite lube of the co-axial gear MAY be a solution but in general there is a chance that this may be a usable movement,

Ok got it i think this will stay on my list and when i have the cash i think i will go for it.

Thanks guys

Yes, you did a very good summary. Congratulations!

However, I am not so optimist as The Zigmeister.


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I like your style Fransisco..sweet :good: ....so comptetely different from our number one genious movement wizard The Zigmeister

Thank you

Gran :)

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Thanks for an excellent review. I don't really need another $500 paperweight. :bangin: I was curious whether you would feel a lot better about the movement if the E gear were in fact jeweled. If I read your review correctly there are two critical problems. The first relates to the minutes of the chrono which is seldom used but the second relates to the lack of a jewel on the running seconds gear which is bound to have a problem since it is running whenever the watch is running.

I agree, and like the Corgster, I'll stay away for now.... only long-term use will reveal the reliability of this. And it'll give enough time for MBK/MBW to get their version together :thumbsupsmileyanim:

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Great review. I wonder if it is possible to get a ruby put on the plate as a mod or a custom plate commissioned with a better adaption of the mod and a ruby for every cog. That way, any dead movements in the future could be fixed and and improved.

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mbw does not want to make 12 ap offshore

because movement is very bad

they did AP ROO's with the old asian slow beat 21.6k mvt...and that one is not the most praised mvt among the members....

In the end I think they will do it...

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