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  1. Given my track record, I'm not saying anything about what is gen and what is rep :-)
  2. I'm with @sgtguk on this one. I love a good franken build, but this is not going to be a rare watch. At the moment collectors and show offs are falling over themselves, paying way over list price. However Rolex are not some microbrand, they produce around a million watches a year. Soon enough they will start with other Daytona versions, gold for example, or maybe they will do something truly revolutionary like a 42mm Datejust (sarcastic). Anyway in a year or less the fuss will be on something else, these will be available at list and used examples will be available. 3000 is a long way towards the 9800 list price and it will still be a rep with a frozen sub dial. Just my opinion, but enjoy the rep for what it is, it's a very nice rep.
  3. Yes basically, plated is a thin coating, wrapped is quite thick relatively speaking and more hard wearing. You will quickly find in this hobby that you can always spend more money. Plating won't do? Buy wrapped. Wrapped won't do? Buy aftermarket solid gold parts, that won't do, buy gen. There are a couple of guys rocking two tone Rolex builds with solid gold mid links, bezel and crown. Genuine dial, hands and crystal. Depends how you look at it. Ludicrously expensive replica, indistinguishable from genuine at less cost or an absorbing hobby. Possibly all of those :-) It is worth taking time to figure out exactly what you want from a particular rep. Sometimes a hundred Dollars will do all you want and sometimes only the very best is going to make you happy. Just buy what makes you happy rather than trying to impress others would be my advice.
  4. It's good to see you posting in our community. You have good taste in watches my friend. Seen a few of yours now.
  5. Given that these are still selling for over list, finding a genuine bezel?
  6. siswatch?
  7. I just gave you a little more reading in your other thread :-)
  8. Welcome to the forum. You might like to do a little reading in the Rolex section. Lots of members have the 16613 or 116613. If you are looking to buy a watch I know that Puretime will try to source parts if you buy a watch at the same time. Other dealers possibly would too. Talking about dealers, you are better off using Trusted dealers rather than searching the Internet. Swiss movements aren't worth paying a dealer extra for because they are usually old reused movements, again much information about this on site. Have a little read and if you have specific questions come back and ask, but definitely your watch does not need to die.
  9. Looks good to me. Does the case need any work to fit a gen movement?
  10. The guys here will try to help you, but you said yourself, much research. Do you want another Sub or are your interests more general? Do you want this particular model (16610) or a vintage piece or something currently in production? Really it depends how far you want to get down the rabbit hole.
  11. Ssteel and probably a few others Just remembered, Slaughterer is in Germany
  12. Micky, please tell me that was not a .cc project. I think I read .bz did one.
  13. This Definitely not this The RWG watch of shame for those who have transgressed.
  14. Very nice, I hadn't come across SCG Tudors before. Crown height looks much better. Could you post a side on picture and perhaps more details on what you did at the case. Did you do the welding or get it done?