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  1. Cromag

    PO Pin

    Thanks[mention=55332]Kernow[/mention]. I should try that if nothing else comes up. I need the little sleeve and the little pin the goes in the sleeve that goes in the hole pictured below. Here’s a pic of the watch
  2. Cromag

    PO Pin

    Has this happened to everyone? I was just adjusting my v5 PO bracelet and lost one of the pins. Specifically, the thinnest one that holds the clasp to the bracelet Does anyone happen to have an extra one or know where I can buy one online? Cheers
  3. The perfect IWC for a skinny wrist: Mark XVI on bracelet! Just back from the spa. Thanks Vac!! Case diameter: 39mm. Case thickness: 11.5 mm. Band width: 20 mm on 6.375” wrist (16.2cm)
  4. Let’s see what new adventures are in store
  5. OMG! I’ve never seen such a horrible representative concoction. It looks like someone cut out watch parts from a magazine and put them together. Could it pass for brilliant naive art, or a child’s piece of collage making from grade two? Or maybe Peter Gabriel is selling it.
  6. I have strap envy every time I look at this thread. Sometimes I even wonder if it’s the right Pam for the strap! What is wrong with me? ?. Would be worthwhile to have a big get-together just to check out all the different straps in person. Mr. Thompson. Maybe she was interested in more than your ‘watch’? [emoji6] ...or maybe she thought it was a rep. I’ve never heard of Shinola.
  7. Have you checked the Skinny Wrist Club thread? There are a few really good examples of what you seek: https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=5666&share_tid=150900&url=https%3A%2F%2Frwg%2Ecc%2Fapplications%2Ftapatalk%2Findex%2Ephp%3F%2Ftopic%2F150900-Skinny-Wrist-Club-thread&share_type=t
  8. Sweeeet. Thanks for those links Mike!
  9. What model is that Mike, and who reps it?
  10. My understanding is that some newer repped versions of the IWC Big Pilot have working power reserves. Can I swap out the movement in my 5003 with one of these and get a working PR? Would I lose the slow beat movement or could it be modded to maintain that?
  11. @Legend ah yes, those seem to be a very reasonable qualifications for the three categories. Thanks for joining in. The categories may reflect a hierarchy of sorts yet price may not be a consistent measure. For example, an MBK case, or BK, or TC rep may qualify only as modded but could command more than a simple Franken with a gen pearl or non-ceramic insert. But then like you mention, a gen strap (that may cost over $300 and maybe more than the rep) should not be a Franken, but a simple $100 gen crystal or just a crown wheel mod would qualify as Franken. My intuition seems to disapprove of a single gen item for Franken qualification but maybe we shouldn’t think of the taxonomy as hierarchical, though it really is intuitive. Yet price seems to fit with intuition. Then the matter of Genstein: it’s very reasonable to leave an estimated tolerance for non-gen parts so long as the non-gen parts are virtually gen-like, -usually a properly shaped case. Should it exclude gen movement hidden away in the case? Some believe Genstein should be reserved for 100% but I’m not aware of many if any such beast across the fora.
  12. @kernow thanks for joining in the conversation. There is a lot of variation to people’s understanding of the three terms here on RWG and across the fora. Your comment is yet one more unique view. This ambiguity makes some discussions and claims in sales threads vague or vulnerable to assumptions and can result in needless miscommunication and misunderstanding. My hope is that this thread starts to align the terms within each forum and hopefully across the fora. Currently we are just collecting and sometimes clarifying comments to see what patterns might emerge.
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