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Cigars-What did you last smoke?


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Goodae Friends,

I am kinda curious as to what you smoke. As i gather that we are from so many parts of the world, it would be really cool to see pics if possible of those white ash in action.

After 6 shots of Ron Zacappa 23 yrs rum.... :)

Not forgetting its RWG'thanks for leting me post in advance!


Padron No 1's, 1926 series. I rate it 92' Smoked on 17/09/2010 Time taken, 103mins



Arturo Fuente Anejo, Someone help me with the Number on this baby' I rate it 96

This was so far one of the most delish smokes ever'yummy to the very end, Smoked on 19/09/2010 Time taken 88 mins



Arturo Fuente God of Fire'Don Carlos 2006, I rate it 85'

Longest Natural ash ever, smoke was a little disappointing, Smoked on 20/09/2010 Time taken 58 mins


Ronnie over the clouds'


So what did you smoke?

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My last smoke was a Partagas Lusitania, but it was a few years ago now.

Still have a few Cubans, well maintained, in my humidor, but can't find anyone with a humidor willing to make me an offer.

Problem is, the humidor is a lovely box and I'd like to keep hold of it. But the cigars were too expensive to just give away to someone who wouldn't appreciate them or be able to keep them.

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I've probably smoked 5 cigars in my entire life, usually when friends announced a new baby on the way. The last one was a Cohiba from Cuba, and it knocked me out. The room was spinning for an hour. I've had a Cuban Punch too... My favorite was probably a Hoyo De Monterrey, or a simple Macanudo. Both of those were much more mild.

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Vegafina Robusto... Can't seem to find them easily in the states.. Here in spain, they're pretty easy to find.

Bought 200 of these things to hand out at my wedding.. really pleasant and smooth smoker.. even burn and not too heavy. I believe the wrapper is a maduro oscuro from Brazil and the filler is Peruvian/domenican blend. They're Hecho a Mano in Domenican Republic.

VegaFina Robusto.bmp

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<sigh> I remember my first...like nothing else. but over 15 years have never found a #2 as good as that one.

kinda like chasing that first high.

They need time in a humidor. I got mine from guy in town who really has a great selection and setup. Like sucking on warm caramel, really incredible flavours... ;)

I'm a big fan of Davidoffs for a lighter smoke, great flavours.

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