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  1. Welcome from a fellow UK member! AJ
  2. Steelem I think you need to post this in the For Sale Section under watches! You will also need a tagged photo and as you are not yet a VIP member the sale price must be below $199. Please read teh information re sales at the head of the sales section, it will make your life much easier. Regards AJ
  3. Here's one from last night :-)
  4. Im unsure Alvin however I am happy to have either please? AJ
  5. Sure was!
  6. One of these :-)
  7. A huge welcome to you. There is a reasonable membership here from your part of the world that I am sure will add to my welcome. There's so much to learn and some real geniuses here so far as horology goes so enjoy yourslef an dlet me know if I can assist you in any way from the UK. Best regrads AJ (andy)
  8. Looks great Alvin! I remember paying £7000 for a white faced Daytona a few years ago as a present for my Accountant! AJ
  9. Delighted and well deserved my friend AJ
  10. Looks great. I am delighted she travelled well and is being enjoyed :-) AJ
  11. This just arrived so on she goes, a real beauty from one of our very top members and modders here. Wearing gen hands and a stunning blue sunburst dial. Oh, I have a spare matching dial if anyone wants to swap theirs out for one. AJ
  12. I am so not a quartz guy but damn this looks fine! AJ
  13. Just received this beauty from my good friend Legend, quick fitting up of my lovely matching strap and tang buckle and we're good to go!
  14. Great job!
  15. Stunning!