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  1. I've bought crowns/tubes from Phong before and none came in blisters. I think the pics of the blister packs on his website are for reference only and/or dramatic effect. Also, these old crowns were made of a brass core and then wrapped in stainless. So the mere fact that you see yellow is not an immediate tell in my books.
  2. the crown will NOT fit the tube until AFTER the tube is installed into the midcase.. the internal "splines" need to be removed with a proper broach/cylindrical file. once the splines are properly removed, the crown will seat properly
  3. Bracelet screws, genuine or otherwise, should be secured with loctite 221 that is readily available at most automotive parts stores.
  4. Not sure what's going on with the designers at Rolex these days. Maybe they need new crayons. But I think the rumored lineup for 2017 is a bit of a head-scratcher. Blue text on the SD4000c? I could possibly see it as an homage to the first Single Red 1665 from the late 60's, but why make the minute track blue as well?? Not sure that makes any sense. If used as a tool watch, I think the blue minute indicators would be harder to see than the white. Odd. Perhaps the most sensible decision is coming out with a SS version of the coke GMT. I could live with that. Oh, and the DSSD to be discontinued (thank god as I was never a fan). http://rolexpassionreport.com/20205/rolex-news-for-baselworld-2017/
  5. Thought I'd put on something subtle today
  6. Dipping my toes into the world of Omeeega.
  7. Dial is aftermarket or a redial. Gen on top: The hands are most likely lumi service. Insert is aftermarket. Tough to comment further on the mid case and bezel.
  8. Yes. Eric is a good guy and if he doesn't know you, he will insist on wire only. I've dealt with him several times.