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How do you smell?


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Okay guys I know most of us wear what we wear to catch the eye of a sexy lady (wife, girlfriend or one night stand) and to show your status in life. A lot of you have a very heighten since of fashion; so you wear some of the finest clothing to compliment your time pieces (gen or rep). What I want to know what is your go to scent/cologne for a night on the town? I know hard decision so I will limit it to three. Mine are in order:

Green Trish Tweed by Creed – Very high end long lasting

A Million by Paco Rabanne – Unique and refreshing and long lasting

Bleu by Chanel – Works great when you do not want to try to hard and long lasting

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OP: How do you smell?

I don't...

For starters, most people can't tell the difference between Axe Body Spray (puke), Ball Sweat from a Bull, or some $400 and ounce cologne. I know MORE ladies/women who are revolted by a guy who smells more then them.


I will plead, for myself and other allergy sufferers out there, that if you MUST wear cologne/perfume, please--

1.) Don't bathe in it, you should only be "smellable" from an "intimate" distance or 1". You should only need a "dab" on your pulse points (neck, wrists, etc.)

2.) NEVER wear cologne/perfume to a Wine Tasting, or other high caliber/gourmet restaurant or food tasting. (You ruin it for others who really care about the experience)

Thanks for listening, and please DO enjoy your scents if you are so inclined, but please be considerate.

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I hate perfumes and colognes. Stuff is made to mask people with bad hygiene.

That is with out a doubt the most pathetic comment I have ever read here...easily.

Most members here.. I would suspect...wear some kind of cologne at some time or another. If we are to take your comment seriously...then those members have poor hygiene. :bangin: Un[censored]in believable.

I dont understand why people who dont care for a topic..for whatever reason...just dont stay out of It. Thats what I do..It's really not that hard...It really Isn't.

Instead these folks crap all over someones thread...for there own selfish/self centered reasons. Talk about poor form.

Im personally very offended by your comment...as Im sure others will be as well. Not that you give a [censored] about those kinds of things. If I ever made a comment like that I would hope to be very ashamed of myself.

Atm my three go to scents are..

(1) D&G The One.

(2) Thierry Mugler.. Angel Men

(3) Prada Amber.


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Wow I can not believe the replies so far, everyone hate to smell good. I have always been told a nice cologne complete your look. I guess I'm the only person on this site that purchase the stuff

I am all for whatever makes a person comfortable/happy in their appearance. Go for it! However, smelling good is subjective, and most people tend to abuse/overuse cologne in my experience. I personally find the "muskier" colognes/perfumes absolutely revolting.

In a similar thread about replica colognes, I alluded to the fact that I have had to leave parties, change seats on airplanes and movie theaters because of allergic reactions to perfume/cologne.

The reality I have personally found is that by the time you combine: Soap from your shower, Anti-Perspirant/Deoderant, Hair Products, Shaving Lotions, Lotions, Make-up (ladies) and THEN add Perfume/Cologne. What do you really smell like? Now, enter a room of 10,20,50,100 people all with an average of 5 scents on their person it is just too much...

I simply love it when people are clean and don't assault my nostrils.

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honestly, i have always worn the really expensive bla bla bla bla bla

was out with the wife getting her some of the versace perfume that she loves oh so much, and i was browsing the men's stuff they had. i am a car lover, so naturally i asked to smell the Ferrari cologne, the red was no bueno, the black however... lets just say when the wife smelled it, she let out a slight moan i have never heard outside of the bedroom....

so Ferrari Black is what i smell like.

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I hate perfumes and colognes. Stuff is made to mask people with bad hygiene.

Like Maxman, I find that comment pretty offensive, but I will address it literally, in that, Yes, that probably is why perfumes were historically created. That said, in the age of indoor plumbing and running water, there are few reasons (beyond total disregard for one's self or disability preventing bathing) why someone should have bad hygiene. Personally, I shower daily, but I still use deoderants... Totally agree with the comments about people drenching themselves in the stuff, it's as unnecessary and as anti-social as being a dirty bastard and not bathing...

On topic, my Top 4:

Lynx Oriental (discontinued, but I have identified an identical substitute)

Hugo Boss Night

Square 4 Men: Fresh


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Nothing Beats Jean Paul gaultier le male terrible for me :)

Oh And armani White for the Summer (its Not made anymore but from Time to Time i See them on eBay)

Hi Deniz

.Im a big fan of the original JPG Le male..I will have to try a sample of the Terrible version...I hope it's not "terrible" ;)

Here's a video review....I think It's safe to say..... this guy didnt care for It. lol :lol:


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