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  1. The categories are: RWG Member of the year 2016 - droptopman and dbane for either making or buying, but either way showing us, some incredible time pieces in 2016. RWG dealer of the year 2016 - Rolex they just make the best watches RWG rep of the year 2016 - IWC 5000 series. I don't have one but with the new movement hard to argue RWG modder of the year 2016 - Chris and Wookie bringing AP magic CONUS RWG crew member of the year 2016 - MOB RWG veteran of the year 2016 (5 years membership and above) - Nanuq - he's like the sunrise, he just keeps coming up.
  2. WTF....what jungle is that? Is the first pic a piranha?
  3. @droptopman nice choice.
  4. @droptopman happy birthday bud! That pic is so good it feels like my birthday. Gorgeous!!
  5. Degree in physics and 8 years in the lasers and electro-optics group of a major aerospace company building laser weapons. Be careful, that thing is incredibly dangerous.
  6. I have a lot of experience in this area, I checked my former roommate into detox and he is a self admitted alcoholic now and been sober since the day I took him in. A girlfriend of mine has similar problems with cutting etc and even tried to commit suicide. She also had a problem drinking until she blacks out. I have had many long talks with her and she is not an alcoholic in the traditional sense but uses alcohol to deal with the issues from her mental health problems. However, after a lot of soul searching, she's realized alcohol just makes her other issues worse or even magnified and so she's been forced to give it up. My advice would be to have a lot of honest conversations with yourself and others and ask if alcohol is helping or hurting. If it's hurting, why bother trying to label yourself one way or the other, just stop.
  7. New Diesel sweater
  8. I bought my GF a men's rolex with an Arabic salmon dial. She was so shocked and absolutely loved it. She never takes it off and still loves it. Really worked out great.