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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys, Really need your input! Got this one some time ago, but have no idea if it's Gen, it's should be.. at least it looks nice. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys, Really need your input! Got this one some time ago, but have no idea if it's Gen, it's should be.. at least it looks nice. Thanks in advance!
  3. For all of the experts out there, can anyone confirm that this insert looks like a GEN service insert? I would rather not overspend for something from Cartel or other sources. I still am trying to figure out how all you figure out the small nuances between the different type of inserts. I believe the seller when he says that it is a GEN service insert, but given my level of skill in identifying differences, I would feel a lot better with some other confirmation. The seller just overlayed the bezel on his sub to show the look and it does not have a pearl for those wondering. Finally any ideas o
  4. Hi, Do you guys know where I can buy a decent 1665 rolex insert? I saw that pmwf inserts were no more available. I saw the yuki one http://www.yukiwatch.com/catalog/item/9020785/10270361.htm and the Phong http://www.jewelryandwatch.com/contents/en-us/d242_Insert_Bezel.html what do you think of these ones and do you know better 1665 insert on the market?(except gen ones of course) thank you for your help.
  5. Lost the bezel of my 1665 MBW, does anyone knows where can I find one or a replacement that will fir the MBW case Thanks Cyb
  6. I recently replaced the bezel insert on my BP Omega PO Cr Ti 45mm and thought I would show you guys what it looks like inside and share some advice. Differences in the bezel I bought my Titanium PO in October 2013 and BP updated it with a new batch in November, so I was a little unlucky! Andrew @ Trusty has confirmed that these were updated and said that BP claimed everything was new. I’m not sure I believe the case has been changed, but the bezel insert clearly has been and perhaps the dial too. The pearl is now centred and much improved, but the most important part is that the bezel ins
  7. Attention all vintage 1680 gurus! Do you believe that this insert is gen? Also, do you believe the crystal is gen? The mag is certainly right. Thanks! P. S. I know the CGs need some work. This is a project.
  8. Hey fellas found this very helpful link! http://www.vikbobil.se/bezel.html
  9. Hi mates! Was offered this through a friend: Wondering if it really is gen.... Thanks for your help!!! E
  10. Hi, as usual I need your advice.... I´m looking to build a sterile sub with a personalized dial to give as a gift to the winner of a golf tournamente y play once a month during the whole year. 1 - Where can I source a sub case to hold an eta 2824-2? This case needs to be waterproof, at least for recreational swiming. 2- I want a green bezel and as I mentioned before, sterile back and crown. 3 - Wich will be the best sterile rivetted bracelet I can get? I´ve already found someone who can build the dial for me and I will also buy mercedes hands at the bay. I am missing so
  11. Hi guys, I just recieved my new superlummed sea dweller and already had a gen insert to go with it, so i removed the pearl with an exacto knife to remove the rep insert wich was glued on to the bezel. When i compared them they seem identical in size, but when i tried to put it on... SURPRISE... the gen insert did not fit so i had to put back the rep insert wich did not needed to be glued again, it snapped right in perfectly. Any ideas on what mods to do so i can get it to fit? Thanks in advice
  12. Dear fellow Rolex lovers, Just bought a Sub 16610 LN and am ready to make my move for a gen insert and dial. I have recieved an offer at 850$ for both the insert and dial. What do you think ? Good deal ? Fair ? Too expensive ? I already have gen tube, gen crown, clark cyclop. Anything else I should buy before to send everything to Domi? Hands ? DW ? Thanks for your reply. Fran Fran.
  13. Hey all, Looking for a blue insert for this guy: http://www.perfectxclones.com/p6676/Rolex-RLSV10024-Vintage-50s-James-Bond-Sub-6205-SS/Nato-Blk-A-2836/product_info.html (Yes, this is not the real perfectclones website. Just using it for reference) Any help would be awesome, thanks!
  14. In regards to replacing the bezel on a Rolex 16710 from a Coke insert to a Pepsi insert, what are the risks or differences for replacing the insert as compared to a gen? I understand with the GEN Subs and GMT-Masters it is a matter of prying off the bottle cap bezel and it simply pops off, I understand there is little quality control with rep timepieces so, has anyone ran into any differences with replacing their bezel inserts compared to a gen, or is the process pretty much standard to the design? Thanks.
  15. I'm looking for a good bezel insert w/pearl for my 1665, and I'm wondering what's the best non-gen one I can get. Thanks!
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