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Found 24 results

  1. I thought I would show her off a little. Bought her a few years ago. She is my daily. Originally a TCv6 with a few bits and bobs....
  2. I have a 16610 with gen bezel and crown, Yuki bracelet and a Clark crystal. Is is it worth it to upgrade to a gen crystal?? thanks
  3. 'Ello Ladies and Gents Wanted to share with you my latest project, a bit of fun on a late-model ubiquitous black sub. I've owned another late-model sub, a 116610LV and I enjoyed it, so I figured let's have some fun taking one to about 85% genuine, a fun custom build. Here's how the watch came to me from Capre, a great member: Sean M series mid-case (reshaped lughorns for a nice fit with the gen SEL, chamfered and polished by Omega) TC case-back Sean bezel and crystal retainer ring (reworked by Domi for perfect pressure fit with insert/and gen parts) Gen washe
  4. So, one of my AD's bought what he thought was a gen 16610. Turns out it was a phong case complete. Anyone have an opinion on what the case is worth. It's complete with case, caseback, bezel, insert, case tube, crown, and crystal.
  5. Hello, I have a co-worker who is showing me (this week) some of his "supposedly" gen rolex watches and wants to sell me one, he claims he is in dire need of cash. So he's telling me he sells me his Rollie Sub aluminium 16610 (used of course) for a cheap price, $1000 USD, which is ridiculous because on chrono24 the cheapest 2nd hand 16610s go for $4000 USD. I don't knw why but he seems like a little deceptive, maybe the watches are stolen or something or are super reps, that doesn't make much senses because for the price he's selling you barely can buy a super rep like a franken TC Sub v6. I
  6. About this time last year, TC Sub club faced a huge challenge. I was running out of usable TC 16610 and TC 16610LV dials. The dial supplier, due to China's crack down on counterfeits, stopped the rep dial production. The only thing I could do back then was to build each TC 16610 Sub and TC 16610LV Sub from the pile of dials which were taken out from QC issues. I had to first choose a dial with no scratch on the surface and then piece by piece re do the indices to the dial. During that time I wrote a short intro for TC Sub LV Type 3 but skipped the review on the TC Sub V5. I spent most of my
  7. Was surfing eBay for spare parts and came across this "gen" 16610 bezel insert. The pearl looks off to me, but I admittedly have a tough time telling with this one. Legit or no?
  8. A friend of mine who previously owned a gen 16613 really likes my tc sub v6 but he has not the money to pay 550usd and he's not that aware of flaws as we are on the boards So my question is where I can find the best 16610 from our TD's. Trusty has one which looks fairly nice but as much as I am aware this is not the noobmariner right? Is the noobmariner 16610 still the beste (except TC sub) we can get from our dealers? Moreover I have a spare caddell vintage insert lying around at home and want to know whether this would fit or not? Thanks for any inputs, Cheers
  9. This particular watch is a BK TW with gen crystal, gen bezel insert w/ superlumed pearl, swiss movement, noob hallow mid link bracelet and WM9 clasp. I'm not exactly sure how this particular combo was created but I would assume the gen crystal is to fix the issue with the over sized etching with the rep crystals. The insert of course is to fix the issue of the pearl and perhaps the font of the numbers. The crystal and bezel insert was installed by RSH. The bracelet has ok SEL but I'll go into more detail with that later, as well as the clasp. Here's a few pictures of the complete watch:
  10. I always recommend members to go get a gen 16610 insert for a reason, it is simply just beautiful! Beautiful how? Our eyes and our brains conceive its beauty but we can not always translate that beauty into plain English. My interpretation of that beauty is a flat and matte insert plus a well polished pearl holder plus a shiny corundum pearl. In my quest for the perfect Submariner 16610, the insert along with its pearl has always been a big challenge. This very specific part is actually an assembly of the aluminum insert, the corundum pearl, and the pearl holder. There is luminescent a
  11. Hi guys, I took some pictures of my first Rolex. It's a TC 16610 LV with a genuine pearl. Enjoy!
  12. I am looking into purchasing a TC sub soon. I prefer the cleaner no-date look for subs but I am having a hard time finding a no-date dial. I prefer not to go ceramic if possible. Any ideas folks?
  13. Just received my Black Submariner 16610 rep from Andrew at Trusty Time. Was a little worried about customs as was shipped EMS over the last week or so but no such problems! Very very impressed. It's my first rep so starting at the shallow end. It's just your basic Asian movement $160 rep so not looking for perfection but thoroughly impressed. If I had a couple of small criticisms it would be that the bracelet feels a little sharp at the edges and more 'jiggly' than i'd expect a gen to be. Again, for $160 it still feels quality and looks 100% the real deal. The other point is that t
  14. To all the modders around the world: I am working on designing my own watch, which is partially based on a sub mid case. I need to have a prototype put together ASAP, and the factory I'm working with is taking its time. Does any modder have a sub midcase that they can reshape for me, whether it be a 16610, 1680, 5512, or 5513? Even if it is from a canal street grade rep, it may be fine. The crown guards would need reshaping, the midcase would need to be thinned, and the lugs would need some reshaping a bit too. Who can offer some assistance with this? Thanks!
  15. Hey fellas found this very helpful link! http://www.vikbobil.se/bezel.html
  16. Hi mates! Was offered this through a friend: Wondering if it really is gen.... Thanks for your help!!! E
  17. Thought I would post some quick snaps of these two. The Datejust specs: (gen)ETA 2892A2. gen Rolex 16233 DateJust case set E serial (1991) gen Rolex 295c crystal + gasket gen Rolex DateJust silver sticks dial (markers are white gold) gen Rolex tudor hands gen Rolex engine turned bezel gen Rolex SS crown gen Rolex datewheel gen Rolex clasp Nearly everything visible to the naked eye is gen. Even the springbars are gen, though you can't see them. Weight is within 2 grams of a 3135-equipped DJ. The sub took like 6 months to get to my door. It got lost in the mail. Sup
  18. This is the 4th version of TC 93250 bracelet. It's predecessor was TC 93250 V3. TC 93250 V4 is made by a different bracelet maker. The V3 bracelet maker refuses to make improvements on the V3 clasp coronet or place engravings in the SEL trench. To me, the V3 bracelet served as a good quality stainless steel bracelet. However, the coronet on the V3 clasp is the Achilles' heel because it is not as protruding as V2 clasp, which representing gen oyster clasps from 2002 to 2007, or is not as slim and crisp as gen oyster clasps from 2008 to 2010. Earlier this year I promised Janeto72 to persuade
  19. As some of you may know I have always been a fan of lugholes and have had an ongoing Submariner project for awhile now. It's based on an ST case and after several movement incarnations and some drastic case reworking I wound up here: Bezel, insert and crown are genuine, dial and hands are TC and it's powered by a high-grade 2824 movement I found on ebay. I love this watch imensly but it's just not there yet... And so, having to order some parts for some watch repairs I'm long overdue on, I found myself ordering the ST 3035 (16800) case earlier this evening. I'm not sure yet w
  20. Dear watch addicted, I hope you can help me. I have a Franken TC Submariner 16610 with an Gen ETA 2824. I would like to buy a Gen dial and Gen hands. For what do I have to look? Any advices? Thanks a lot!!
  21. Just curious. I see 16610's everywhere these days. Actually, I see MORE 16610's in my city, and in airports, than I do Seiko's. Also, from a REP perspective, REPS have become so good that at arm's length I am having trouble discerning a quality rep from a gen. Have we finally reached the point "Who has the best Sub (16610)" is old hat? Passe', Boring? "Ohh look, another business traveler wearing a 16610..." Personally, I see a 16610 in the wild these days and think _____________________________... Thoughts? Fill in the blank.
  22. Hi All, I wanted to send out a quick thank you to Fidhle007. I think the pictures speak for themselves but I wanted to publically say thanks and give a huge endorsing recommendation. He was accommodating, extremely fast, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. Anyone out there who knows enough to be dangerous but is a bit nervous about jumping head first into a watch build I highly recommend you get in touch with Brendan (Fidhle007). Stats TC V4 Sub w/o rehaut engraving: TC V3 Bracelet: V2 DWO: Gen crown: Gen Crystal (BNIB, with LEC): Gen Insert: Gen Retaining Ring Gen Bezel
  23. I ordered the 16610LV from TC 2+ weeks ago and it finally arrived yesterday. It was packaged very nicely. It came bubble wrapped and sealed in a silver poly bag inside a small brown box. Just for fun, I re-unboxed it in a Rolex watch shipping box. I have many of these available, if you are interested in purchasing a Rolex plastic shipping box, shoot me a PM. Anyhow, on to the watch reivew... *Sorry in advance for any moisture, dust, or lint on the watches Dial/hands: The dial printing is excellent as usual with TC subs. The font and color looks great. The marker sur
  24. I want to buy Rolex Rolex Sub 16610LN with Gen (or looks like gen) blue lume markers & Watch Case Engravings ??? I want to have the best rolex replica (under 1000$), who can help me? Sub=(Dial & Hands, Bracelet, Black Ceramic Bezel, Watch Case Engravings, Gen Spec Crystal, Best Movement & other)
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