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  1. Anybody buy from www.iswws.net

    Grail do they have something the TDs don't ? If not why bother taking the chance and if they have and none of the TDs do not makes me wonder................
  2. Guys auto watch event NYC

    OCT 27th - 29th, 2017, CHELSEA MARKET, NYC \ http://www.windup.wornandwound.com/?trk_contact=VTSNS3AQNOEFCVI983DGFK1TRG&trk_msg=0KEMU8D20M24LF236L85HSKS80&trk_sid=MNLBNB3QR29O68ET10R447PASO&utm_campaign=Corrected%2BDates%3A%2BJoin%2Bus%2Bat%2Bthe%2BWind-Up%2BWatch%2BFair%2Bin%2BNYC&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Listrak&utm_term=title1 Worn & Wound's Wind-Up Watch Fair is a 3-day long watch culture event featuring a range of curated watch brands, accessories and ephemera. It’s the first and only watch fair of its kind, and the largest in the United States; designed to bring watches, brands and fans together in a fun, approachable and engaging environment. Wind^Up is free and open to the public, encouraging everyone from seasoned fans, to people considering their first timepiece, to curious passersby to come in, take a look and talk watches.
  3. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Knowing Marti's dressing prowess when I saw the pics I was not surprised. Not only are his pics some of the best on the board he is certainly a well dressed tasteful gent.
  4. GMT movement for

    You know guys I hate to get on a soap box but I take some ribbing on other boards as we are pretty non dramatic IE:" knitting circle" but my usual retort is my friends are sitting in their ivory towers pondering builds as your one watch wonders are buying the newest craze. This is where the big boys hang out no need for 20 mods nuking the forum, witch hunts , gulags or noob free from flaming sections. Unfortunately those graduating from there on to the higher plain of repdom are getting fewer and fewer but quality still has a quantity all it's own.
  5. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Guys well we are overwhelmed with responses GREAT! Everybody wants to take a shot!! At this time it going over to Nikki6/Stu and then maybe stop in at the Dutch GTG w/ Marti and his crew then over to Docthor who guessed the watch after that we will shall see whether by geographic location to ease shipping or by order of request we shall see. Of course our VIP and above members will get first shot.
  6. Rolex Kermit LV insert

    Gen is gen..........., looks great my friend wear in good health!
  7. More than fifty dead in Las Vegas

    We shall see Steel, bottom line if crazy or just a lone American going to the other side you are not going to stop it.
  8. More than fifty dead in Las Vegas

    A terrible tragedy but lone wolfs like this are almost impossible to stop. Now both sides of the gun argument will go off and being a very polarized nation at this point stupid statements like the one Sogeha posted will come out from the left and the right will just arm themselves some more trying to protect themselves , well perceived protection anyway. But let us rather forget the above knee jerk reactions and take a moment to pray for those lost and wish a speedy recovery to the injured.
  9. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    You worry me my friend. (this from the guy wearing a fuschia bathing suit to match the watch) LOL!
  10. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Well it's certainly getting around!
  11. That's a nice surprise

    Well well 100 meters!
  12. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Sogeha Marti just wanted to get across the pond and we figure tour UK first maybe as Docthor has first shot as he won the guess just not sure on customs these days between UK and EU.
  13. Noob Seadweller 4000

    Great TF ! Pretty damn close by the pics , feel on?
  14. Just Purchased my First Rep

    Yes contact your dealer (?) at the link you posted? To answer your question no your expectations on it keeping reasonable time are well founded. That kind of time keeping is not acceptable in a 1-2 hundred dollar watch let alone one over 400.
  15. Josh at Perfect Clones

    There are many good dealers on one forum but not on others I really don't know of any on all. But very glad you had a good experience with Josh.