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  1. Hi Hugo Nice to hear from you, yep my thoughts as well. Problem is TC no longer has any cases for sale. So I'm on the hunt. Cheers M
  2. Good afternoon Gents, I could do with some advise if possible. Apart from the TC sub case is there anything off the shelf i can use for a 3135 based 16800 build. Appreciate any help Cheers
  3. Good point diesel, I did think about grabbing one of petes silver overlays but in the end went for the 'service white' option which has the open 6 and 9 and serif numbers.
  4. I was recently very fortunate to be able to buy an older MBW from a fellow member, best of all it came with the original hollow link 93150(got some small stamped WSO endlinks on the way). The previous owner had previously sent it to Pbdad for case mods and a beautiful vanilla re lume job on the dial. But it needed a little TLC on arrival so off it went to Mr steel for a spa break in Finland. Full strip down of the movement with a replacement part required. Re polishing of the top hat plexi and a nice case clean up and a pressure test to confirm the Watch was water tight . As always a prompt professional job by M. Funnily enough I was never really a fan of these plexis back in the day when I wore a gen 5513. But it's funny what age can do and I can't imagine the 1680 with anything else but the slightly strange high top. Well it's now my daily beater and put into service like all of the original tool watch rolex's from the 1970s. When they made watches for men? who did dangerous things! Enjoy the pictures Dh
  5. Welcome on board cracker Boom, good luck with the build.
  6. Good Morning Fraggle, I think its fair to say that you would be a very valued UK source for watch servicing etc. As kernow states Micky is our Englishman in Finland so another EU based set of hands would be great. I'm sure he'd be happy to provide some guide line in terms of prices etc. Perhaps avoid the 7750 secs at 6 movements!!
  7. Nice to see you again Edge
  8. I love the way he's stratigically placed the beautiful Rolex on top of the pile of crap
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252503833005?euid=7c2588921d0649be91188c779ef1f93b&bu=43810863951&cp=1&exe=12742&ext=32470&es=3&nqc=EGAAAAAAAAAAAABACAAQAEAAAAEABAAAAAAAQAAAGAAAAAAAAAABAABAAAgRAAAAASAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACAAAEAECEIAAEABAAAACAAAABQAAAAABAAAABIABAABAAAAAAQAAAAAAABA*&nqt=EGAQAAAAAAAAAABACAAQAEAAAAEABAAAAAAAQAAAGAAAARIAAAIBQABAAAgRAAAAASAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABACAAAEAECEIAAEABAAAACAAAABQAAAAABAAAABIABAABAAAAAAQAAAAAAABA*&ec=1&sojTags=es=es,nqc=nqc,nqt=nqt,ec=ec,exe=exe,ext=ext,bu=bu Wasn't sure what to report here, so could do with your expertise before i push the button. The bracelet is defo a rep xvii bracelet, but is the xvi watch a rep too? Crown too big?? Box set also looks rep to me, Dont want to see someone get stung Cheers
  10. Sorry guys, I've checked with one of our esteemed collectors and no plans in the pipeline.
  11. I'm a 40mm diameter man so this would be a done deal for me. The gens has a modified eta 2892 base movement so in theory not that hard for them to rep. Given the original 42mm Ingeneiurs that used to be repped to a very high standard. Also looks nice and thin
  12. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/introducing-the-iwc-ingenieur-automatic-40mm
  13. Eddy at 'timefactors' has some of the best G10 military straps. With also a new buckle design which differs from the others available Cheers DH
  14. Hi Rick Yes the newer cartel case, CG's squared off on the inside and softened on the outer edges. Apart from that lug holes drilled 1.3mm, aging polishing aging polishing.......Cartel bezel slightly lowered with gen insert which snapped straight in. I've found that if you make the tension spring as flat as possible then it holds it firm, do not bend it otherwise there isn't enough edge to catch the bezel firm. You could always buy a proper tension spring and just lower the bezels height by sanding it down. Cheers DH Same as gen at roughly 117grams
  15. Bingo Sir Correct on all counts! Sternkreuz T19 instead of Clarks