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  1. Really what makes you think that mate.........
  2. Yes it is, just send an email to him and then wait patiently for a reply bud He can take a while on occasion to get back to you but he will in the end, worth the wait imo, we see it all the time on here and having done it myself too I know, if you start with a cheapie then buy a slightly better piece you will mostly end up buying a TC in the end, then you've spent lots more $$ than you wanted to in the first place
  3. Look very closely then start again........you'll find lots more flaws to be fair TC on its own is a great value buy (that's why he sells lots of em) then wait till you've got a bit money together and add a Gen insert, crystal etc etc I've had mine for years now and it's just about due a service, then I'll add a Gen crystal as it's already got a Gen insert as is, update the DW then I'm done for a few more years or until I decide to go Gen, remember as the guys have said though every rep has a flaw or few.....
  4. Good luck with that bud may as well just buy the Gen eh ....
  5. Gen bezel for $3000 yeah I'm up for that ! Cracking piece apart from the obvious issues the guys have brought up so far, let's see if we can find any more ! On the plus side the bracelet looks awesome sel is pretty good too !
  6. Exactly, it's a bloody big hole too That's the one's thank you
  7. Doesn't Narika still sell his budget builds that are better than this one ?
  8. I tend to prefer Gen crystals in the builds I have as keepers mostly T19 prefer them as slimmer profile [emoji4] my 1680 has Gen and the look is much better than aftermarket ones I've seen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I agree leave as is, lot of character in that dial
  10. Outstanding work here, I think your right at least 100 a piece for them Can you try some Rolex model buckles next please
  11. Re my Tag above, I must say a big thank you to the op as a result of this thread I thought I'd try my luck and searched everywhere again for this piece and guess what after 3-4 years looking one was for sale on the bay........needless to say it just been delivered today needs a refurb from Tag but will be minty when it comes back from them so well happy early birthday present from the wife, she is a keeper too! Thanks Quetip
  12. Regret a few I've sold some Gen some Rep, Tag Grand Date in particular sold it as I hadn't worn it for a few months and haven't been able to find the same model since, it was minty too!