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  1. Please stop now!! The pin you depress to remove the stem is the set lever. If you push it in to far, even a tiny bit, you're going to mess up the keyless works. Even if you don't, the stem still has to be cut to the correct length. If you go even one thread to short it won't work like it should. If you send me the head and the stem I can repair it and send it back the same day. I can probably save your crown too. If not I have crowns in stock. This is something you should not be messing with until you have more experience. PM me and I'll give you my address
  2. I think it would be better to send me the head so I can do this right.
  3. Repairing this without the right tools is time consuming and often creates more problems. Any stem for a 2836-2 24,34 will fit. If the crown is open when you are pressing the bezel on, it will usually break if you are doing it on a flat surface. Alum heated to about 180 degrees will dissolve the stem. However, it will also weaken the spring inside the crown. Sometimes the alum will pit the stainless. Why don"t I just send you a new crown and stem?
  4. That's a long question. Yes, the movements are the same and the stem size has not changed in 50 years. The only thing you will need to do if you swap movements is to use the same crown on the same watch. The crowns will not interchange.
  5. Parts are hard to come by, even for my authorized dealer friends. It is true that rolex requires serial numbers, unless you buy $3-$5000 a month. Then, they are not so strict. Of course if they like you, you can about anything you want. lol
  6. Do you have the link showing the movement? Thanks

  7. It does have the same feet position. Yes, you can use a gen datewheel.
  8. I have them. Sometimes they remove the rotor assy when mounting the movement.Then they forget to put the screws back.
  9. There are 2 black hardened screws that go there. When you put them in, tighten both sides equally. Don't tighten one side and then the other. Snug one side, then snug the other, then tighten.
  10. Set the date around noon. NEVER ROLL IT BACKWARDS. Roll the time forward until the date changes. Then go to noon. Set the date to the day before the current date. Then roll the time forward until it changes to the current date, Then set the time AM or PM
  11. Gen 3135's have a problem much like yours. If the watch happens to be stuck, or jarred at just the exact moment the the hairspring is at it's largest point, the outer coil will actually flip over the hair spring. The repair is to gently pick it up and lower it to the correct position. No damage is usually done and the watch will continue to run with out any issues I've seen this happen more than once.
  12. The washer does not belong to that movement. Tip! A good watchsmith familiar with rolex, can repair the hair spring, most of the time. Part of their training in the very begining, is to straighten hair springs. My guess is the washer caused the problem. Trust me, nothing gen will fit that movement.
  13. If it stops with the dial down, only one area to look in. On the yuki I have noticed that the ears of the balance bridge get bent very easily. I'm guessing you cked the hair spring to make sure everything is ok there. If so, here is my guess. Like lumbee said, could be a cracked or missing jewel in the base plate for the end of the balance staff that sits there. Could need some oil, although that doesn't usually cause your problem. Have you tried loosening the 2 screws that hold the bridge on and see if it starts on it's own. If so, slightly bend the ears down and gradually tighten the bride screws. I'm just guessing on all this stuff. Here is the order I think it should be cked in. First remove the bridge assy. Then ck the balance staff. Make sure it's straight and not broken off. Then look at the jewel, if it has one, in the base plate to make sure it's not cracked or cocked or missing. You will need a loop to ck it. If all that looks good, simply install the balance bridge and only start the 2 screws. It should kick off as soon as you push the stem in. If not, rotate back and forth gently to see if it starts. If it does, turn each screw 1 flat at time. If it stops after 2 0r 3 turns, your bride is bent. If it won't run at all, you now have to go to the train bridge. That's a whole new set of problems.
  14. The sub is so fake it's terrible. I have the same one on my bench, it's a quartz. Worth $5. I'm guessing the oyster is a fake too.
  15. Man, dbane and droptop, those are some great pictures.
  16. That's a $20 movement. They simply put the overlay in wrong.
  17. Just take to any watch repair shop and they will have one. They keep many different sizes in stock.
  18. Americans need weapons, I agree 100%. We should be armed! I'm armed! I'm not talking about war, or 70 years ago. Today, in America, does anyone really need an automatic weapon? I'm not talking automatic hand guns, You know what i mean.
  19. Name one reason any american citizen needs an automatic rifle or machine gun. There is no need for that kind of firepower even for the police. I'm all for guns, just remove the ones that can fire 100 rounds a minute. If no one gets them, neither do the bad guys. Of course there's the black market.
  20. I never tell people I'm wearing a fake. But if they ask, I say yes, 100% of the time. Hell, sometimes I have to remind myself it's a fake. LOL
  21. On a yuki you can use some gen parts. Calendar wheels and maybe a stem. On the Sa nothing but a calendar wheel. Stems will not fit and neither will anything else. I had one with a broken balance staff. Tried a gen, it was way off.
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