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  1. I don't think you will like the conversion crystal. I does look strange when you have it on the watch. If you use it, you'll see what I mean.
  2. You are correct. It has a dial spacer. The feet on the gen dial barely catch the mainplate when installed and using that spacer.
  3. Yes they did. I was shocked. It is a gen dial 100%
  4. As you all know I don't do datejust II. However, I bought a cheap one from the sales section several months ago. I decided to make some changes, mainly a gen dial. I wanted to see what works and what doesn't. I bought a gen champagne dial and much to my surprise the feet fit the holes in the movement and lined up perfectly with date wheel. I have no idea which movement this is, it resembles the old dg movement. It is a slow beat. I used some hands I had in my box and they don't look to bad. I had to broach the hour hand and cut the end off a bit. The minute hand is pretty good, but the lume is slightly longer than the gen. Over all, I think it looks pretty good. I polished the bezel, even though I try to avoid that, and it looks really good. 1 question. Does anyone know what movement this is?
  5. Actually the 2834, 24,36, and 2671 are in good supply. The factory has increased production. As for the slow beat, you will be the only one with new old stock. Those are hard to find.
  6. I never cut the feet on a president. I notch the movement ring. You can convert a set of gen hands, but why bother. The aftermarket are identical.
  7. There are so many interesting watches in world. I wonder sometimes, how many brands exist. Must be in the thousands
  8. My grandson Lt. Michael Gaul. I still call him little guy lol. Hes out now, thank God. I love the fact he still ask my opinion.
  9. No, they take 24-603 crowns. You can tap the case for a 24-600
  10. I have a datejust build using Y3135 with gen open 6&9 champagne. They do exist. I don't know about sub hands, but clark has some really nice hands for a gen 3135.
  11. Very well put Mike. One example, 2 years ago my AD had 3 116610 dials. They cost $450. Today he has none. It's not what it's worth, it's what will it take to buy it? Dial may be worth $450, but maybe the only one you can find is $700. Does that make those dials worth $700? Yes, yes it does. That's the market
  12. When i order my clones, I insist my supplier send me movements with no stamps at all on the base plate. They are much cleaner that those with stamps. I only use sterile movements. Some parts will interchange, some will not.
  13. I have seen a vast improvement in the last few months on the clones. Of course, nothing will replace the genuine article. The main problem I found in the early model clones, was the train. They did seem to have some really cheap wheels, and they caused some problems. Also, the date corrector wheel would break easily, and the yoke seem to be of poor quality. Like automatico said, hairspring, pallet fork, and escape wheel are nearly bullet proof. The balance assy on the late model clones seems to be of very good quality. I have found when some of the dealers offer swiss, they seem to be very clean, very old movements. Most likely from a watch school. That's my 2 cents.
  14. The bracelets back then were made by spiedel. You may not remember, spiedel twistoflex. But they made the bracelets for the stainless rolex's. They did fit better when they were new, but not perfect.
  15. He's not the first. Many AD's in Dallas have been known to have reps in their possession And not to just look at!! However, they do belong to their friends, not customers.
  16. As I have always said, " the devil is in the details" Outstanding TC.
  17. For twenty years I've only had one real rolex 18238 president. Now, I have 4 other replicas. I like being able to change up. Replicas let me do that without breaking the bank. I have several wealthy friends who have several gen watches. They love their gens. I have made them a couple of reps too. They love them. They are not fake people, but they like all their watches, including their reps.
  18. Ben Franklin said, " the worth of a man is not determined by what he has, but rather by who he is". So based on Ben's statement, real or fake, doesn't matter. The question is Who are You. lol
  19. The hand height is automatic. Be sure to install the hour hand at midnight, roll forward to 6 o'clock to install the minute hand. Ck the clearance of your markers and hands. Install the sweep second. Caution!!! When installing the sweep second, use gentle pressure when pushing down on the post. That is the center or second wheel and it is possible to dislocate the wheel on the bottom. Ck clearance and you're done.
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