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  1. Admin

    Happy Birthday Cats!

  2. Last my son slept with my in the hospice. That was a good experience for the both of us. For me there was 24 hours medical care and he was the little prince of 12 years old guy pampered by the nurses. It was one of the first careless free moments we had in months. It feels good to have the ability to think about nice and good things to do with each other no matter the situation which sucks were you know we have to say good by to each other in the near future. With all the support we can have a lot of stress less and can live free. Carpe Diem Cats http://www.annetweijers.nl/Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met behulp van Tapatalk
  3. Finally some new watches arrived yesterday in the hospice so I can change from time to time Thank got finally my 1680 back to my wrist Carpe Diem Cats
  4. Thnx Its gorgeous indeed but sometimes you want to switch to another one. So when you see another one in the wrist check I managed to get my watch box over here. Carpe Diem Cats
  5. I have 2 Orloff crocs and I'm very happy with them. Great value for money.
  6. Have to send someone home to get my watchbox so I can choose another watch. Carpe Diem Cats
  7. After a rough period were I was found by my help in the housekeeping in a critical state I was rushed to the hospital on the 21st of October. After been treated for a severe pneumonia , liver metastasis and a problem with a too low fentanyl level I was back tho the living on the 25th of October. Last Thursday we had a meeting with my oncologist and after being lucky for more the 7 years in breaking a lot of record now a have picked a negative record out of the high head. Really ill cancer patients have a ldh level a 400 , I picked a level of 5000 a level she never saw in her practice. This means that I have to have fun as much as possible with my sun cause we are talking about weeks to go instead of months. I'm staying in a hospice cause I can't take care of my son anymore luckily it's 5 min away from my home so he can be he every day if he wants to. I'm thinking of selling of lot of my reps in order to buy a decent gen to remember me as a gen father and not a Frankenstein father. Carpe Diem Cats
  8. Hi Stephane does that mean that you left Brussels and immigrated to Malta??
  9. Last day in the hospital going to a hospice near my home. Have a nice day. Cats
  10. Cats


    Still the same. Have a nice day Cats
  11. I see you watching and chasing every 1680 post on this forum. I agree with the comparison from Nanuq. You a 1680 man. Cats
  12. For more then 6 days now in the hospital wearing my DRSD 1665. I have some specialist eyes lurking towards it. Have a nice weekend Cats
  13. &TT88 great watch and a even better photo.
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